James Beard Saved Passover!

We bought some fish, intending to sushi it up for Passover. Because why not? Seriously, a bit of sashimi sounded awesome for dinner, with a nice salad, the Veggie Baker, and some white wine. And Matzah. Happy Passover.

I take out the fish to inspect it, before decreeing the final recipie mix, becuase I’ve been burned by bad fish before, and lo … the fish is okay, but it ain’t sushi quality.

There’s a different, I should note, between sushi grade fish and sushi quality. Just because something is sushi grade doesn’t mean it’s good enough to eat as sushi. Sushi grade is the best part of the fish. Sushi quality is when the sushi grade fish is aces. What we had? Was sushi grade and pan fry quality.

My SO wanted to bake it, but frankly fresh fish being baked is anathema to me, so I trimmed off the unsightly bits of fish and pulled out the gift from Taffy: James Beard’s New Fish Cookery.

I’ve been dying to use this, and in fact studied in over the week to make sure I knew what I was doing. I tossed the fish into a bowl, filled it with trimmed poblano pepper slices, olive oil and a vinegar/lime/salt/sugar mixture we’d whipped up, trying to make something soy sauceish, and tossed it in the fridge for an hour.

Techncially, this ‘cooked’ the fish on a chemical level. But I pulled them into a frying pan on high heat, browned it on both sides, and left to cool. It was too warm to consider this as a hot dish.

I will note, I overcooked the tuna, and it’s not as good to do this in the non-stick pan (I don’t have a Kosher for Passover cast iron pan, damn it), but once Passover is over, I’m going to try it again with the cast iron.

On the plus side? My guests liked it, and wanted to come over next time we cooked it. In fact, the whole meal went well. So, yay!

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