Strap it on and Go

Luke and I are walking home today, and comment on how we may change our bags with spring. He says he’s thinking of going back to a shoulder bag, I comment on how I want to go to a backpack.

Luke: I like just having one bag.
Me: Yeah, but with the rollerblade backpack, I can just strap on the blades and go.
Luke: Strap On, now there’s a brand name for a pair of rollerblades.

Then I put on the MovieFone voice:

Strap it on, and go! When you have to be there in a hurry.

[man] I just strap them on, and go!

[high pitched woman] When I don’t want to deal with the CTA, I strap them on, *tee hee* and go!

[teenager] When I’m late for class, I just strap them on, and go!

Narrator: Strap On! The last pair of rollerblades you’ll ever need!

And then, of course, “The last pair for anyone, yeah. You’ll never see the women again!”

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