Chewing gum for the mind

So back in December, the tv show Lost went to the effort of making an extra long show to tell us about the other tail-end castaways, wherein we learned about how crappy things had been for them. It’s supposed to bring you to like them and wonder what’s next. It left me with the feeling of ‘So you’re saying we could have done all of last season in one episode?’

Since then, I haven’t watched the show much at all, and somehow my overscheduled TV fandom of September, which forced me to use three VCRs, is now down to … no conflicts.

I wouldn’t say I’m watching less TV, but I’m watching more selective TV. Of course, I’ve been sick for the last week, so I am watching more TV, but I think it’s allowed. I’ve been reading more as well.

It’s amazing how fast a TV show can lose you, though. Lost? Well it was on thin ice anyways. Bones was just boring. House? Has become a devoted ‘My Boyfriend’ show, where as sometimes I watch CSI and wish Jorja Fox would leave so I could quit watching.