Norway Away

I went on a holiday with my mother (the first time since I was a teenager) and we had an amazing time in Norway and Denmark.

Norway – Isbreen

We went to Alta to see the Northern Lights which, sadly, we did not see. It was overcast all but one night, and we ended up living through a record breaking storm that broke the little canvas igloo my wife and I were in! Still, we went snow-shoeing and met reindeer and hung out with the Sami.

Isbreen was amazing. We ate all kinds of food I’ve never had before (all of which was delicious), tried the local wines and liquor, found out that I love juice if it’s not got all that gross sweeteners in it (seriously the apple must was amazing!), and saw raw natural beauty.


We ended up moving from a nice big igloo to a teeny one after the storm (shown in the second picture).


We went on a show-shoe hike up a mountain and the view of the fjords were amazing. The color of the water was so dark it was almost black, but you could always still see it was blue!

The Sami people we met (Ellen and John) were delightful. They took us on a little tour and let us feed and pet the reindeer.

The last day at the igloos we went on a sleigh ride and after that we went to a different hotel! The horse pulling us was a fjord horse, and they are absolute tanks. We saw three moose, much to our amazement.

Norway – Sorrisniva

The big draw of this hotel was the ice hotel. We were supposed to stay in it, but after the storm in Isbreen, where we were all cold and tired, we swapped to regular rooms and I gotta say, it was the best idea ever. We ate early and were down for the count.

Ice Hotel

An ice hotel really looks like the Jamestown base from For All Mankind, and it’s incredibly quiet in there. I’m glad we didn’t stay, since it’s the place where you bring nothing in with you, except a sleeping bag.

Judith and I went in for a drink and a tour. You’re allowed to keep the glasses, which are made of ice. Yes, it’s a joke.


Okay, the thing is … Mom and I loved it so much we wanted to do it again and again. Our faces were sun-kissed and wind-burnt and it was hands down the most fun thing I’ve done with dogs in years.


Confession. I love the movie Hans Christian Andersen with Danny Kaye. To the point that I will wander around the house singing “Wonderful Copenhagen” while I make breakfast. My father did that too.

We went to Copenhagen and had a lovely time walking around and shopping (I have pretty jewelry and a new outfit), as well as THREE hats! We went to the second oldest hat store in the world, and Mom bought me a real panama hat (and not my cheap one), a wide brimmed fedora (like Dad wore but all my own) and a few hunting hat.

We saw a lot of Little Mermaids, and went to the Black Diamond Library as well as the design museum.

We also got complimenting daisy jewelry (earrings for mom, a broach/necklace for Judith, and a necklace for me) to commemorate the trip.