I Lied – I Draw Art … Badly

One of the many things I do to attempt to wrangle my anxiety is listen to Bob Ross. He’s incredibly calming. And, as someone with an iPad and an iPencil, I thought “I could try that on my iPad, couldn’t I?”

So I did.

Some Art

I tried to put these in order so you can see my improvement or lack there-of. The problem being, I do this inconsistently, so I get better and take a break and have to start over.

Images link to their full size.

I do have trouble with Happy Little Trees. I think it’s because I’m on an iPad and I don’t really have a true ‘fan’ brush like Bob uses. But I like making snow.

Most of these look better smaller than they do when you zoom in.

Tools Used

I recommend hitting pause and drawing, rather than trying to keep up with ol’ Bobby. He’s fast. Make use of the undo button as well if your accidents aren’t so happy.