Duck! It’s a Camera!

The camera came on Monday. I dug out an old SD card (2 gigs and not very fast) and dragged my wife to the conservatory/arboretum a couple miles away to try to photograph something interesting.

First, Our Garden

Our Garden (made in a Garden Tower) isn’t much to look at yet. My wife is the gardener, and it’s just started to sprout. She did everything from seeds! The flowers are nasturtium.

Local Ducks

As every knows I have some local ducks.

As you can see, I’m not all that great with the focus here. Yet.

Wild Flowers: Lotus

Off to the arboretum, who charge you if you want to take ‘professional’ pictures, but are pretty chill if you’re a nerd with her camera. I went to take a picture of the lotus flowers and found fish and turtles!

Flower Flowers

Now for some real flowers…

The last two photos are me practicing taking photos with different points of focus. The first is the white flower as the focal point. The second is the yellow bud. As you can see, I’m starting to get the hang of it.


Now this is where I’m impressed by myself.

I just really like that duck in flight, but the one-foot duck is also awesome, right?

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