41, 15, and a Camera

WordPress friends are getting their plans set up for celebrating WordPress turning 15 on May 27th, 2018.

That date is familiar to my family. It’s my birthday too.

When WordPress turned 10, I missed all the various parties because Taffy had just died. This time, I’ll miss the parties because (a) it’s actually on my birthday (41st!!!) and (b) I’m ‘on call’ for Jury Duty that week.

That’s okay. I’m not the party lesbian sort anyway. Wife and I will celebrate at home and then, after I’m dismissed for Jury Duty (or after I get to serve on a kick ass case that knowing my town will be about someone standing on someone else’s lawn), we’ll do something nice with my mom.

Speaking of my mom (hi, Mom!), she always laments that I’m impossible to buy a gift for. Which is true. I’m generally bad at it because I decide “I want this thing…” and I put money aside and save up for it. Well this year I decided to do in public what I do in private, and I made an Amazon Wish List for the ‘thing’ I want.

Oh yes, I want something!

A Camera

I’ve been busting my hiney on LezWatchTV for the last couple years, and we’re on the precipice of a change. I can feel it. We’re going to conventions (I did WonderCon, Tracy did ClexaCon, and there will be more). Part of this involves interviewing people which I can do. But it also involves taking photographs.

You see, I need to get photos of people on stage and at red carpets and panels and all that stuff and you know what doesn’t work? My phone.

So I sat and read and asked questions and talked to people about a proper kit for all this. They are, in a word, an investment. And after studying the pre made bundles (which have varying levels of quality) I determined the best bang for the buck was to do it as separates.

I made a list of all the bits I’m looking at for the camera: Amazon Camera Wish List

I’ve already gotten friends sending me Amazon gift cards, so I suspect I’ll be rocking this before my birthday at this rate. The camera is a Nikon D3400, which is middle-expensive camera (CNET called it the best cheap DSLR) that is versatile and sturdy. I picked a decent quality memory card (which it does not come with), the two lenses, battery pack and chargers for emergencies, a reliable flash, and down at the bottom, a bag I will likely eventually need.


See? I’m not impossible, I’m just a planner.

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