Tempeh Fugit

Quina, tempeh, and onions are delicious.

Hungry and in a rush because I was starving, I threw onions and mushrooms in a pan on low heat after the gym. While they cooked down (seasoned with salt, pepper, raz al hanout, and some lime dust), I cleaned up and stopped reeking of sweat. Then I chopped up some tempeh and an avocado, tossing the latter in a mixing bowl with a little lemon juice to keep in from browning.

As soon as the onions and mushrooms were done, I dumped them in with the avocado and put the tempeh in the pan. The wife and I like onions a little crispy, and we like our tempeh that way too. Read ‘I burned the food a little.’

Serve it with quinoa and it’s a perfect after gym boost!

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