Salmon, Leftover Cauliflower, Pasta

We’ve had a lot of fish and cauliflower, which left us with a bunch of odds and ends. Normally I’d made rice, but Passover made me want pasta, so I made mini farfalle.

The cauliflower here actually is a saffron infused dish. I soaked some raisins and capers in boiling, saffron, water with a bayleaf. Not a lot of water, just a tablespoon or so. The raisins soak it up. Then I added salt and pepper, as well as cumin, allspice, and a hint of cinnamon. I tossed in the small chunks of cauliflower and mixed it all together before baking at 425 for about 45 minutes. Check it once or twice to stir it.

It works best if you can cover the baking dish for the first 30 minutes, and be careful with the capers. They can overwhelm the whole dish.

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