Go to all the wordcamps!

Attend All The WordCamps!

For once, I have the vacation time and no money! Why is it always like that? I was complaining to my wife that it’s about $750 to go to WCSF and I really want to go, but penny pinching takes you so far. I’ve accepted the fact that if I want to get where I want to go, I have to ask for help.

Yeah. Indiegogo.

Look this isn’t me begging. if I can’t go, I’ll live! I’d love to go, don’t get me wrong, but we’re single-income in the worst recession in a long time. I’m not legally permitted to do contract work to make money on the side, so my ‘extra’ income has been ads on my site, and they pretty much pay for the site and nothing more. My ‘flex’ money was spent on family, who come first, and the promised pay-back from family didn’t happen. I know, when you loan money, don’t expect to get it back, even from family.

tl;dr: I’m in a pinch if I want to make WCSF.

So I’m going to pay back the only way I can. Raise money, and in return I’ll trumpet you. Blog thanks ($5), twitter ($25), postcards ($50), and so on and so forth. I will learn things just for you and blog about them. I’ll even write a blog post about GPL, and get a lawyer to help me if you want ($500). Go for broke and I’ll even upgrade your grandmother’s computer.

It’s about $750 to get to WCSF. I already have the $20 ticket. At $1000 you’ve bought all my food and a round of drinks. Anything after that and maybe I can make WordCamp GrandRapids too.

But what happened to the around $500 I made from my ebook? It went into my car. Literally, it paid off a breakdown. Can’t plan this, and you can’t make it up.

So let’s see what happens, shall we?

Tweet it, tumble it, faceybooky it.