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All The Thanks!

Fund All The Things!
Fund All The Things!

End result of IndieGogo?


Dude. You guys. I’m really just agog at the amount of love you guys are showing. I guess a lot of you want to meet me. I’ll be wearing the tan panama hat and the bright blue blazer in my avatar, so you should be able to recognize me. I hope.

I have a lot of thank-you cards (sending as I get addresses) and a lot of blog posts to write. Yikes! I did one for Mark Jaquith on Monday: Highway to the Plugin Dangerzone (I wrote it before I knew Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes split). Everything else is on my to-do list (which is scary long) and I’ll be working on that, and my ebook (yes, I have this vague plugin ebook out there, no, it’s not for the super devs), and sleeping.

What? You don’t sleep on the 4th? I don’t like loud holidays.

I’m leaving the IndieGoGo up, partly because I can’t figure out how to close it, and partly because if you guys decide to donate more, I will put it into going to WordCamp Grand Rapids, or any other Midwest-Area camp I can make it too. Where are the WordCamp Clevelands, I ask you? I have family there, durn it! Anyway, at $1300 that’s more than enough to get me out to San Francisco safely and in good health.

Cost breakdowns:

  • Flight – $475 on Virgin (it was the cheapest)
  • Hotel – $575 at Hilton (for three nights)

After checking prices and talking to various places, I ended up at the Hilton because they offered me a deal. Twitter is odd, you know. The Westin and the InterContinental both tweeted me offering to ‘help.’ Neither came through though both had my cell number. Hilton emailed me ‘Hi, you stayed with us one Thanksgiving!’ (years ago!) and got me a one-room, king bed, three nights. So … okay. Nice part of town, not too far.

You’ll notice the hotel says three nights. Blame Helen. I was talking to her about leaving late Sunday or not, as I have enough vacation days (even with this, six days this month to see family, and six more in Sept/Oct for Jewish Holidays, I still have four to six left over thanks to overtime). So when I don’t have to worry about vacation time, I was able to think about travel. The Hack-a-thon is Sunday.

Helen: Are you going to come to the hack/dev day thing? My vote is going to Monday, because I hate trying to catch late flights.

Me: I was thinking I’d do the hack/dev. Good idea. TBH I don’t know how much help I’d be at hack/dev, but I wanna try!

Helen: You’ve made patches before! Hell, if you’re handy with PHPDoc (or can get to be), there’s tons of stuff that needs inline docs.

Me: I can learn anything. #ElfFact

That leaves me with $250 extra. Once you get rid of the fees from Paypal etc, it’s closer to $200, so that’s taxis and food. Anything else is going into drinks.

I have not volunteered at SF. I did at Montreal (Happy Bar) and I didn’t at Chicago (though I am this year, and probably speaking). I want to get to enjoy SF as an attendee. If I get to go again next year, I’ll certainly volunteer, but this is so big, I know there will be a lot to take in, and I’d like to limit my panic attacks.

Am I scared? Oh hell yes. Traveling alone to San Francisco, where I’ve met only a handful of you, in throngs and crowds. Usually when I subject myself to these things, I drag a friend. Andrea was my ‘safety net’ in Montreal. I told Zoonini that I was shy, and she didn’t believe me. I do have people fear. I get nervous, break out in sweats, and it really is a scary thing for me to do this. I’ve been facing my fears a lot lately, and the more you guys feel like family to me, the less I fear this great unknown. But that’s a whole different blog post for a whole different time.

So here are all the thanks:

To Andrew Nacin, Mel Choyce, dohRG, Jan Dembowski, T. Ransom, Lisa Sabin-Wilson, Mark Jaquith, Ryan Riatno, Konstantin Kovshenin, Michael Fields, Bjørn Johansen, L. Bessant, Gennady Kovshenin, Mario PeshevDaniel DvorkinMatthew FreemanNick Hamze, Gary Pendergast, Helen Hou-Sandí, Boone Gorges, Aaron Jorbin, Russell Fair, Rachel Baker, Eric Hitter, Scott Riley, Sweet Sadie, and WPEngine.

Here are the Haiku Tweets of thanks. Since Twitter is a dork, you’ll not get them embedded. Guess which one each is for!

He edits core code
And makes dot-org so pretty
It’s Nacin at work.

Melissa is brave.
Took an arrow in the knee.
Oh, wait. Sky TEMPLE.

Nginx eludes me
And we share confusing names.
The J is a Y.

transom1 is gracious.
A small gesture it may be,
je vous remercie.

You are the master of all.
We must get coffee.

I use your plugins,
admire your rationality.
Your baby is cute.

Support those who help.
It’s the comment that he left.
Hey! It’s a Mario!

I support plugins,
even ones I never use.
Love that scarf, Gary!

They say less is more.
I think they’ve never eaten.
Just ONE Pringles chip?

A proud new papa
Still takes time to thank an elf
You’ll be a great dad.

Your av is so stern.
But I know you like cake.
Let us share coffee.

You think you’re so smart.
Your underscore is so hip,
as you wrangle themes.

@boone is a cool name.
It’s my baby bro’s name too.
He can’t code like you.

UI chops, elite.
Helen codes and plays music.
Both are such an art.

Haters ain’t gone hate.
While your hair isn’t still wild,
your skills are divine.

All’s fair in blogs and core.
Standardize classes galore.
Don’t forget plugins!

Collared shirts and coke.
Shares an office with cupcakes.
Rachel Baker wins.

Vroom vroom goes your site.
With them, you’ll never go down.
WP Engine saves!

He hits a home run.
With jQuery, beer and sounds.
The Bean Town Coder.

Sneaky contributor.
You don’t reveal your name.
My thanks, all the same.

Turns coffee to code,
And beautifies the repo.
Plugins look sexy!

When I ran out of haiku, I started drawing Munchkin cards. And also other sketches I made to say thank you. I told you guys I sucked at drawing!

The drawing of the Wishing Ring was for TJ List.

So thank you all for #helftheelf.

I will be at WordCamp San Francisco!