One Filk at a Time

It’s not a secret, I love One Day at a Time, so with last night being the mid-season finale (thanks, COVID), I went and shared the filk I made of their opening theme:

If you’re over 12 but under 55, a filk is what Weird Al does when he takes a popular song and messes up the lyrics to be a parody. If you’re over 55 you might be wondering if I’m referencing Tom Lehrer’s “New Math” and yes, yes I am, and now you also know what a filk is.


A7          D
    This is it. 

D         G          A                    D
Tuesday nights at nine thirty we're gonna watch it all.

This is it. 

D       G           A                    D
Tune on in and rest assured you're gonna laugh, y'all.

D            G             A
So while you wait a day or two, 

A      D                 G
social distance like you do,

G                          A                     D
hold on tight we'll muddle through One Day at a Time.

[N/C]       E                     G         D
Get on your couch. Somewhere the show is streaming.

E                     G                  A
Turn on PopTV and sit back and watch the show.

A            D
One Day at a Time (oooOOOooooo)

G                A                   D
Watch on Tuesday night, One Day at a Time

G          A                    D
Gloria and Mike's One Day at a Time

G              A                D
Nine thirty on Pop One Day at a Time

Where there are D chords I like to play with something like DS/D/D9/D which is basically what you hear in any Indigo Girls song when they end a line in D.

Original lyrics and music credited to John and Nancy Barry. Many apologies to the great Gloria Estefan who sings the new credits far better than I would ever be able to.

PS: Watch seasons one through three on Netflix, and season four on PopTV.