Ten Years Ago

Ten years ago

  • Taffy hated LeBron James
  • I got a folding bicycle
  • WordPress 3.0 came out (and I was listed as a contributor for the first time)
  • I had not even attended a WordCamp yet.
  • I was made a WordPress.org Forum Admin
  • Batwoman got her own comic series
  • I met Jorja Fox in person for the first time
  • I was being Twitter Harassed by someone pretending to be Nicolette Sheridan, because I called her out on pretending to be Jorja Fox
  • I had a weird guy who was obsessed with me because I ran a fansite
  • I built my first VPS
  • I started HalfElf.Org
  • I made my Dad’s website modern

This year

  • Taffy is dead, but still hates LeBron James, I’m sure
  • I have a full sized bicycle and commute to work
  • WordPress 5.3 came out
  • I’ve spoken at 5 WordCamps this year, including WCUS
  • I’m on year 4 of being the Plugin Team Rep
  • Batwoman has a TV series
  • Jorja Fox was in a movie (I haven’t gotten to see her this year, but we’ve had lunch and hung out in between)
  • I’ve been helping shut down someone who’s impersonating Jorja and trying to scam people out of money
  • I’m being harassed for the last ~13 months by someone who is mad I banned from the WordPress.org for harassing people who left 1-star reviews (among other things) — and yes, he’s still doing it
  • I moved my entire VPS stack to DreamHost
  • I stopped publishing on HalfElf so much because of LezWatch.TV
  • I turned Dad’s site into a memorial

A lot happens in a decade.

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