This Post Is Not About You

Have you ever read someone post a anonymous comment? Like this:

Yes, please tell me how to develop code using my own tutorial.

And yes, that happened once.

If you see someone post that, and you think “Hey I did that… Is she posting about me?” The answer may surprise you.

Because it’s going to be a big ol’ nope.

I (and most women on line) get told the exact same thing over and over. To the point that I absolutely will block you for making the same stupid joke five other people already made. And yes, I blocked them too. You’re not funny, you’re annoying, I don’t want to have a relationship with you if it’s based on you being a ‘witty’ person.

And I use that term very loosely.

So this post? Isn’t just about you. It may not even be about you.

But if you think it might be, you should stop.

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