I’m a Lesbian

Come out.

I have no idea when I first came out.

I know the LAST time I came out was around 11am today when someone in open source asked if my husband was coming to WordCamp US with me.

You never get to stop coming out. And it’s tiring y’all. But I am blessed by a family who loves me and friends who care for me. I can be my authentic self and they like me for it.

Not everyone is this lucky.

For them today, National Coming Out Day, is terrible and frightening. Do people know? Will they hurt them?

We need to make the world better. Safer. We need to fill this world with love. With people who want to help others.

Please. My friends, my family, those of us who are American Citizens. I bet you. Please vote Democrat on November 6th.

The Republicans have betrayed us all. They betray the country. They rip children from loving arms and put them in concentration camps. They put people on courts who argue my marriage is a sin and shouldn’t be. They want to torture children to make them straight.

They don’t want to help. They’ve proven then want you to be afraid and then they will take everything you have.

Stand up with me.

Make next year’s National Coming Out Day a celebration for everyone, not just the lucky.

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