Some Samples of Baking

I cook a lot. About half the time, we eat food I cook. I like cooking, and cleaning, go figure. I’ve never really studied cooking or baking, though one year I learned how to make Christmas sweets.

Recently my wife and I started watching The Great British Bake Off, and added one of their books to our collection. In doing so, I’ve made a few new things. Learning the technical skills for baking is hard. It’s tricky to get it right and you have to pay attention more than I generally want to do.

However the skills I’m mastering are definitely helping me in other ways, as my ability to debug code has gone up the more I learn how to read and interpret directions to make something I don’t understand.

Mary Berry’s Coffee Cupcakes

This was supposed to be coffee and walnut cakes, but I don’t like nuts. It’s a basic cake, made with the creaming method, and adding in coffee essence.

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To make the coffee essence, I brewed a strong cup via my Aeropress and let it come to room temperature.

Failed Merengue

I whipped it by hand for some reason. I got a blister doing it and then burnt it.

Next time I’m using my hand mixer.

Chocolate Macaroons with Caramel

The filling on these were a bit too crunchy, but the caramel was delicious.

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It took me three tries to get the caramel right.


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