Make Five Calls

Make your voice heard, even if you don't know what to say.

I hate talking on the phone.

I’m shit at communicating.

Every morning, while I sip coffee and catch up on the news, I call my Senators, my Representative, and sometimes my governor.

I tell them what I thank them for, what I oppose, what I’m upset about, how they disappoint me. I ask them to please remember us, the people, and not the parties. I ask them to hear my story of taking classmates to Planned Parenthood as if it was a shameful thing. I tell them about the stories of great immigrants. I tell them of my protests with Occupy Wallstreet. I tell them of the poor I saw on the streets. Of the love I see between people. I tell them of how we much care for the environment and people. I ask them not to hate another in their hearts, but to love the stranger as we love ourselves.

I know I’m well written, that when I get the time to research and understand, I can explain.

And I know many of my friends don’tknow what to say.

So let me help.

Go to and put in your zip. Read about the issues. Learn. Get phone numbers. Call and follow the scripts to express your opinions.

Keep calling.

I call every morning. I pick one thing. I talk about it. I thank the person on the phone, and I make three calls. Two senators and a rep. Then at lunch I do it again. And at dinner.

You can do it too.

Make Your Calls.

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