Laptop Ban

I’m going to Europe for work early next month.

You can bet I’m thrilled at the news that the US is planning to ban laptops, tablets, and anything larger than a cellphone from the main cabin. Yes, from flights from Europe.

Confused? You’re not alone, as CNN says:

Delta Air Lines (DAL) briefly posted a sign in its Cincinnati terminal Friday warning international travelers that they would have to check any electronics, other than a cell phone, when flying back to the United States: “Effective May 12 passengers will only be permitted to carry a cell phone onboard flights returning to the United States. All other personal electronics devices will be required to be checked.”

But although the Trump administration is considering whether to ban laptops and other large devices from cabins on flights from Europe to the United States, no such ban is in effect yet. U.S. and European officials have been discussing an expansion this week, but for now, the ban still only applies to flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and Africa. That rule went into effect in March.


DHS has said there’s no decision yet, not to worry, but the fact that it was dated for the 12th tells me that this is going to happen.

I’m going for work. I have to bring my laptop. But my tablet… I will not be bringing, and that is a huge wrench in a long series of flights. I use it to write, which oh hey, I can’t do without the laptop either. This is only an annoyance for me. This is absolutely evil for a lot of people who need to work on planes, and it’s going to be hell on kids.

Nicely done, TSA/DHS. Way to protect us. This is going to result in people canceling trips to the US and not actually stop a single thing.

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