Why so many blogs?

Pens and Pencils

I have … four. Five if you count my fansite, which I don’t for this exercise.


Pens and PencilsYes, four. There are only three I post to ‘regularly’:


Hi, you’re here! This is a traditional blog where I post about my life, things I think about, and crazy stuff like that. I post once a week, usually on Tuesdays. It can be pretty random.

Half-Elf on Tech

In 2010 I moved my technical posts over to a new site (originally code.ipstenu.org then tech.ipstenu.org and finally halfelf.org) so that my family and friends who aren’t techies but follow my personal blog don’t get annoyed. I try to post three times a week (Monday-Wednesday-Friday).

Ask Ipstenu

I’ve always had a WordPress.com site, but I never used it, so I finally decided to do something with it. Random questions. I post on this when I remember or someone asks me an interesting question.

Half-Elf Warehouse

This is the new guy, and it’s really just there for my store, but once I made it I remembered the cardinal rule of the internet: If you don’t post, they’ll go away. That’s why I try to post once a week, Thursdays, to talk about running an ebook store.

That’s a lotta writing!

Sure is. But I’m a writer. I’ve always been a writer, and writing every day puts me in a better frame of mind. Five times a week there’s something posted by me. I could do weekends, but I’m not quite up to Lema Levels yet.

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