Twitter Just Don’t Understand

Twitter claims to have a robust handling of impersonation. I would like to share with you my personal experience.

I have an account for a fansite I run. On May 23rd of 2013, someone makes a Twitter account where they have copied all my account’s public information (including link to site) and some of my latest tweets. I file an impersonation complaint, because this account has been harassed many times, to the point that I have learned Twitter will do nothing to help you, except say ‘Block the account.’

Right away I get an auto-reply asking me to fax (FAX) a copy of my ID as proof I’m me. I fail to see how that proves fuck all, but that’s all I get until June 4th, when I get this:

We have received your fax; however, we are missing required information needed to resolve your issue:

• Documentary evidence that you have authority to act on your client’s behalf (i.e., agent’s agreement, power of attorney, etc.)


• A faxed copy of your client’s valid photo ID (i.e., driver’s license, passport)

Please fax the information to Twitter at 415-xxx-9958 at your earliest convenience. This is a United States number, so be sure to include the appropriate international dialing code if you’re sending from outside the United States. Include your ticket number and write “Attention: User Safety, Twitter Inc. -@MYAGENT.” Once we receive this information we’ll be able to investigate your issue further.

Okay. I faxed a copy of my ID to them, with the ticket number, and a ‘I have two accounts…’ explanation. June 10th, I get the exact same email.

Now I reply:


I set you MY fax information. Someone was impersonating ME.

What about this is unclear? I faxed you MY OWN drivers license.

And this elaborates, yet again, my problem with how Twitter ‘handles’ problems. They don’t. They send you form reply after form reply after form reply until you give up. They never answer questions, and when you finally do get something from them, it’s about as helpful as those canned help lines. In 2010 I asked for clarification as to what my recourse was to being accused of being a harasser, and only received canned replies.

Twitter, here’s what I want. A human being to reply and help me. Yes, you get millions of these a day, but clearly your canned reply has a limit and I (and others) are hitting. Some human has to be skimming these and if you need to hire millions more to handle your tickets, do it. OR publicly state “Kids? You’re on your own.” Because right now you claim to help us, and you’re clearly not.

Simplify your process while you’re at it. You should be able to handle this without fax, especially if someone says “I’m the official account of ‘webpage’!” and the webpage is linking to a different account.

Did I ever get closure on this? Nope. That fake account is still out there. It’s not me, though.

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