An Ode to Cigar Boxes

My buddy Chris has cigar boxes. I asked him if I could tradsies for them, and he said as soon as he had his humidor, he’d send them up.

I replied:

And then I did this:

To mar your WordPress blog with trite nonsense
Is something we have all been guilty of.
Song lyrics and a photograph intense
Are topics which we’re not unworthy of.

A sonnet in a book with a rose on itYet subjects should inspire all to dream!
Engaging them to craft their online world
And no more tweet away their thoughts supreme,
But own their words until time is unfurled.

Be quick to write at least once every day!
To practice saying that which must be said.
Put hand to keys and never go astray
So you can claim from WordPress comes your bread.

Write twice and edit thrice before you post.
To you we’ll raise our RSS in toast!

Because… I’m weird.

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