3.9: And Where Was I?

WordPress 3.9 (Smith) was released and I was not online until … now. Passover, yo. Also sick. Wonderful timing there. *facepalm*

But… This was not the first I wasn’t here for a WP push out and it won’t be the last time. I think the last time it happened was for 3.4, when the release started about an hour before Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) and I tossed the post up and said “Good luck!” and was gone for two days. This time I was here two days before, but not the pre-push or the push.

These things happen. Real life is real life. And my family will always be more important to me than my job (hah! I get to say WP is my job!). I’m not trying to downplay or up-play my importance. I’ve been a fixture in support for a few years now, and that won’t be changing.

So good news? Jan stepped up like I knew he would. He probably felt as panicked and overwhelmed as I have a couple times, but he stepped up and did a post without ME being the nudge about it. This is good! I always work in a world where I assume I may be hit by a bus and not available, so now I have proof that I did right when I told Jan this support rep thing was something he totally could do.

Maybe we’ll switch out and I’ll take it for the next cycle, but you know what? I needed that break just now of NOT being the point guard for the support stuff for a release. It’s a lot to do, and I’ve been doing it consistently for every single release since 3.0. I needed the break before I broke, and since I was also adding on the workload at work (DreamPress Support is my baby!) this was important.

The last 18 months have taught me a lot about myself, my work-life balance, and things I’m doing wrong. I’m incredibly grateful that everyone is respectful, understanding, and supportive of me figuring this all out again, since it’s still a brave new world for WordPress as a Job for me! I think I’m starting to see where I’m best aimed, and how to handle the load without going a little bibbeldy.

I would not trade you guys for anything.

Oh and nothing feels better than logging in when all this was done and seeing everything handled. My sites upgraded themselves, my servers were happy, and the forums… Well they’re exactly what I expected. I’ll put in some time tonight and tomorrow, cleaning things out. But this community always pulls through.

And yes, there I am for the ninth release in a row.

Screenshot of the credits page

And yes, I’m feeling a bit better.