Elfy About Blurbs!

The other day Brian Gardner noted that it’s hard to write an about page, so I wrote him this:

Brian Gardner is a theming robot. When not plugged in to a Starbucks to recharge,
he can be found blowing minds and changing worlds with his amazing Genesis Framework, while listening to Sarah McLachlan and sipping his dark roast like it ain’t no thang.

Then this morning, chatting with Chris Lema, he said he wasn’t as cool as Brian, so I wrote him this:

Chris Lema has the super power of words. Every day, he writes a new post which his readers (aka Lemalings) flock to read in order to absorb even a fraction of the advice for navigating this Internet business world. Chris’s posts leap, fully formed, from his head with anecdotes that make all ‘modern Shakespeare’s’ jealous.

You should be reading him already.

After being told by multiple people that I could charge for stuff like that (and Chris noted it was probably something I could only do if I knew the person), I remarked “How much would anyone pay for personal, slightly goofy, about paragraphs, though?”

I got the reply “I’d pay you $5!” So basically for a large Starbucks foofy drink then? That’s an amusing thought. Maybe I’ll go into a side business! “For five bucks, I’ll write an about blurb based on what I know of you, your current blog posts and tweets, and anything specific you want me to include. Blurbs will be 45 to 100 words long and will involve humor and probably sarcasm.”

(No, I’m not actually going into business for this.)

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