Happy Birthday Me

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday Me

In honor of my birthday (today, May 27th), I give my American friends tomorrow off. Canadians had Victoria Day.

My mom got me an iPad 3, which is a funny story. See the FedEx guys can’t figure out how to handle people in buildings. They ring the bell, wait 5 seconds, and leave. Thankfully their local pick-up station is a mile away and free, so I have them text me when the delivery fails, call the station and tell them I’ll pick it up. They had my iPad. On the other had, UPS charges you for a pickup, but the guy knows how to pop open our gate, and where my apartment is. So as I was setting up my old iPad for the wife, there was a knock at the window. I open it up, he hands me a package (the cover), wishes me happy birthday, and trots off.

(By the way, it’s totally an amusing coincidence that WordPress turned 9 today.)

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