California, Here I Come

I’m moving again.

I didn’t really plan on all this, but Mom and the new job made it possible, so October 15, literally the week after the High Holy Days, we’re off to California. We have a nice little townhouse/condo we’re renting just outside of Anahiem, with a garage and a patio.

Yes, I’ll be in Orange County. No, I never watched that show.

There are problems of course. Like my moving company woes, waiting on the car transport, having to buy a new fridge and washer/dryer… Also it’s damned expensive, and had DreamHost not kicked in money to the move, and had my mom not also done so, I’d be one broke-ass kid for a while. As it is, our savings account looks dreadful.

I’m not freaking out, but I am freaking out a little. This is a big change, and I’ve been really static the last 10 years. This needs to change, and I’ve got no regrets about this choice. It’s just big and scary.

The 15th, we fly out, sleep on army cots in an empty house until our Stuff arrives.

All I need now is for someone to sublease my current place, and I’ll have that weight off my back. Oh, and to win the lottery.

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  1. Jonathan LaCour Avatar
    Jonathan LaCour

    We are lucky to have you at DreamHost! I moved across the country from Atlanta to SoCal for the job here, and its been hard at times, but worth it. You’re a tough cookie!

    1. I used to live in San Diego, then Santa Barbara, and then Santa Cruz before Chicago, so … California’s not unknown. It’s just a lot scarier with all my stuff, two people, two cats, and a car! Last time it was a desktop computer, guitar, and a couple duffle bags. Oh and a trunk.

  2. Andrea_R Avatar

    Scary usually means you’re onto something. 😀

    (says the person who is also relocating and downsizing – but not that far!)

    1. It’s an adventure and any change can be scary. It’s why cat’s don’t like change*. 😉

      *Cats are very smart BTW.

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