Being Human

Being Human

Being HumanSpoilers Ahoy!

If you haven’t seen the latest season of Being Human (UK), don’t read this post. You’ve been warned. I ramble about the season finale.

At the end of the last season of “Being Human” (the original UK version), I sensed the end was near. Or at least the show I’d started watching was nearly done. The new show it’s become is still interesting, but in a totally different way.

Originally we had a new ghost, who was ‘stuck’ in the house that a werewolf and vampire had decided to rent. They bonded, became friends, relied on each other, and had trials and tribulations. Like the nebbishy Jewish Werewolf got a girlfriend, used his werewolf powers to kill the big bad, and accidentally turned his girlfriend into a werewolf. And the vampire, who is a werewolf’s natural enemy, was trying to quit blood and be a good guy. And the ghost was coming to terms with why she was dead and what she had to do to move on.

Then it got cryptic. The ghost decided not to move on, which upset the other ghosts, and caused all sorts of problems. The newly minted werewolf has to deal with her life. The vampire is now ‘in charge’ of the vampires of Bristol, and by the way, there’s a sciencey/government group trying to experiment on the werewolves. They run away to Wales for season three, and it only gets weirder. The werewolves have sex as werewolves and, oops, baby! We meet more werewolves (who hunt down vampires) and vampires (how about a sex starved teenaged vampire?), zombies, the season 1 big bad coming back and the vampire gets killed by his werewolf best friend.

That was when I knew it was about to get weird.

See, after Mitchell, the vampire, was killed, I thought they’d bring in a new vampire, but I wasn’t sure how. When season four picked up, we had George the original Werewolf, his baby Eve, Annie the ghost, and Tom the vampire hunting werewolf. Unbalanced to say the least. Nina had died, off camera, in a totally wasted death. It reminded me of how Joss Whedon killed off Anya. Sometimes people just die, and maybe it’s saving the world, but usually it’s just a stupid, stupid thing. George died saving Eve, and left her to Annie and Tom. Yeah, that was smart.

Finally we got our new vampire, but he came with a 1950s ghost, who was in love with an ancient werewolf. Finally those two declared their love, he died, and she passed on with him, leaving the vampire, Hal, alone. Naturally, Hal was adopted into the clan, only to turn out to be an Old One. Oh, and Eve was the ‘War Child,’ destined to .. well, basically she was going to destroy the vampires. Kind of. There was time travel involved, which basically turned out to explain that as long as Eve lived, Vampires would rule, and Hal would become the evil overlord.

Logically you kill the baby, right?

Except no one does that, do they? I mean, the heroes find another way and save everything. Right?


Annie blows up the vampires, herself, and the baby, gets her portal to the afterlife where she’s reuninted with Eve, George, Mitchell and Nina. And since there was a brand new ghost whom Annie had just taught the Ghost Fu ways, we had a new trio.

Tom (werewolf), Hal (vampire), Alex (ghost).

But they killed a freakin’ baby! I’m really happy they pulled no punches on that one, truth be told. It would have been cheap to save Eve, and by killing the baby to save the world, it … well, it was just what people have to do to save the world. Sometimes you have to do the unthinkable, and when you do, you may not be able to keep on living. Annie couldn’t, and got her ‘happy’ ending in the afterlife (hopefully happy, we’ll never know), with a baby and her friends. Though seeing as George asked her to protect Eve, I can’t imagine their reunion will be that friendly. “You killed my baby to save the world!?”

And I do like Tom. He’s very different from George, as he’s been a werewolf since he was kidnapped as a baby, and while he’s very savvy about the supernatural and fighting (“Always be kind and polite and have the materials to build a bomb.”), he’s a virgin and hopelessly naive about the real world. Hal is his opposite. A nearly Russian pessimist who is terrified of losing control, and knows way too much about the world. Alex … well, she wanted to date Hal, and now is stuck as a ghost, in the clothes she died in. (“I look like a girl!”).

It’s a very different feel, and since it was renewed for season five, I’ll get six more episodes in 2013. Provided the world doesn’t end.