A Day Late 5K

I was supposed to do this yesterday, however today I ran my Automattic 5k.

What’s that? Basically Automattic likes to get their distributed employees to run a 5k, or walk, or skip, or jump, wherever they are. And they invite everyone who uses WP to join in. As my knee would sooner leap out of my leg and beat me to death than actually permit me to run, I hopped on the crosstrainer, cranked up Grrl Rock, and outran Carbs the Raptor for 39 solid minutes.

And yes, I ran a 5k.

Amusingly, that was the time for my first 5k when I was 17. I’ve never been a fast runner,

Proof Of My 5k
Suck it, Carbs!

So that’s my proof, as it were. I could photo my nasty clothes, too, but that seems wrong.

I’ve been running, exercising, a lot more trying to lose weight to take pressure off my knee. It’s a pretty fun vicious circle, as exercising hurts my knee, so I have to find that balance between exercise and pain. Being able to run a 5k though made me feel great! I may just have to do it again on Wednesday! Tomorrow, though, is the StairBastard and upper body.

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  1. I did a 10km race the other day. Darned near killed me! 9000 crazy fit Norwegians and one out of shape chubby Kiwi plodding along at the rear.

    I’ve never been a fast runner, but for the past 10 years I’ve always been fit enough that I could generally outpace the majority of people anyway. This is the first time I’ve been so out of shape and hopefully it will be the last … lots of exercise required by me in the next year I think!

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