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Take a deep breath and say goodbye to one of the DC Universe’s most kickass lesbian superheroes. DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio has been answering fan questions about the reboot lately on Facebook, and according DC Women Kicking Ass, finally addressed the question: “Is Renee Montoya still the Question and is Vic Sage still dead?”

His response was:

Renee will be seen as a member of the Gotham City Police Force.

via DCnU Renee Montoya | The Mary Sue.

The following sound you heard was my brain exploding.

Ask the QuestionIt’s no secret that I love Renee as The Question.  My avatar of me with the hat tip is a shout-out to those wonderful pictures of Renee in that pose.  She’s actually my favorite hero in the DCU.  And the level of pissiness I possess over the goddamn handwave over this cannot be measured.  She better still be the Question, or Kate’s journey to being Batwoman makes less sense (Kate would have died in 52 were it not for Renee).  My hope is that since they’re not messing with Batwoman, Renee’s both back in GCPD (they did ask her to come back in ‘Crime Bible’) and still The Question.

And yes, a small part of me thinks about the recent Batwoman spoilers, and how Kate is kind of flirting with Maggie Sawyer (Renee’s old boss, Captain of Major Crimes in Gotham and also an out lesbian), and if Renee’s a cop again, then she gets to watch her ex (Kate) and her boss (Maggie) and we’ll all complain about the lesbian sex web.

No.  This, above all the atrocities they’ve done to Tim Drake, Stephanie Brown (whom I liked as Batgirl) and everyone else just makes me want to flip DC the bird and walk away.  You get one chance to make this right, DC.

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  1. Some dyas I feel 😯 . But mostly I 🙄

    1. I call 🙄 “Spock”

      Most days I’m 😛

  2. MrsIpstenu Avatar

    Some days I’m 😎 and some days I’m ❓ and on very rare occasions I might even be ❗ …but mostly I’m a little 😈

  3. MrsIpstenu Avatar

    Also: Ditto everything you just said about DC comics. If they screw this up, I will go 😡 all over them.

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