My First WordCamp!

Je vais à Montréal pour WordCamp Montréal.  WordCamp est un festival pour gens qui utilisent WordPress.  Je vais assister à des conférences.  Je me porterai volontaire à la “Happiness Bar” le dimanche.

Whew.  I’ve worn out my French (feel free to correct it!).  I’m going to WordCamp Montreal July 9th and 10th and I’m really excited!  I’ve never been to a WordCamp before (which is my excuse for why I’m not volunteering to give a presentation).

For those of you who read Ipstenu.Code, it’s no secret I’m fond of WordPress.  It’s a product that has taught me more about relational databases, code management systems, SEO, and everything else internetty than anything else.  I won free tickets to the WordCamp, I got plane tickets for about $100 for me and the Mrs, and I’m dovetailing my trip to Montreal with my Mom’s, so she can show me where she grew up.

In short, I’m really excited/nervous/giddy/scared about all this.

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  1. HOW did you get such cheap tickets??????

  2. Yeah – how did u get such cheap tickets? I want some!

    Glad that you’ll be in Montreal and looking forward to meeting you then and chatting about WordPress and other things.

  3. Cheap tickets: Superpowers (plus a surplus of FF miles). I tied a credit card to my AA account, and toss in my trips to Cleveland and watch ’em add up! I joked that my new laptop helped pay for this 😉

  4. First WordCamp? You are in for a treat.

    I wish I had managed such inexpensive plane tickets for my big journey this summer, but alas, I have no rewards card for flyer miles. Might be time to change that…

    Are you attending WordCamp Chicago at the end of July? I’ll be there. And speaking.

    1. I plan to be at the second day of WCChi 🙂

  5. I’ve never been to a WordCamp before (which is my excuse for why I’m not volunteering to give a presentation).

    No excuses. WordCamp Columbus was my first WordCamp, and I also gave a presentation (Becoming A WordPress Beta Tester), which closed out the Dev track (nothing like having the last speaking slot of the day). It was also the first time I had ever given a public presentation in my entire life, so yea, nervous doesn’t begin to describe what I was feeling. lol

    Seriously though, you’re probably better off to just attend your first WordCamp and thoroughly enjoy the entire experience without any worries about presenting. 😉

    Wishing you a safe trip and a fabulous time. Take lots of pics to share, and be sure to hug Andrea and Ron for me! 🙂

    1. Makes you braver than I am. 😉

      I do public speaking at work sometimes but it’s definitely a fear of mine. I panic, sweat and … well mostly I just can’t think of what to say at a WordCamp. I want to see what they DO say. Then maybe I’ll volunteer for WPChi or something.

      Hugs I promise 💡

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