The Internet Is For Idiots

I preface this with the acknowledgment that, indeed, some of what I blog is ill-thought out drabble. I don’t exhaustively research what I’m saying every time I say it. But that’s why this is a Blog, and not news website. Even my ‘news’ site that I run isn’t a newspaper, and doesn’t pretend to be. I call it a News Blog because I … blog about news! Shocking!

Here are two articles I read that made me wonder how these idiots get jobs in the ‘real’ world.

Naked Came The WebComic

Art, “Art”, and Almost “Art” – What qualifies as “art” in webcomics?, by Jules Rivera, only counts as ‘news’ and not a blog by the virtue of having ‘NEWS’ in the URL (if it had blog, I’d forgive it entirely).

I’m going to say this. If someone walked up to me and said ‘You’re not a writer, you just blog’, I might pop them one. I do too write! You are here, reading my writing, and either enjoying it or rolling your eyes at my idiocy and moving on. By the way, you’re welcome to do that. But this right here is my art.

I take particular offense to her deciding the XKCD, possibly the wittiest and most fun webcomic I’ve run across ever, is a terrible comic because it’s a stick-figure comic. She says of these “This is a person who is not making an effort. The more lazy the artwork, the more terrible the comic is to look at.”

Clearly she also feels math is hard.

As for a webcomic she says is ‘better’, we’ve got the one I don’t actually read regularly, Order of the Stick. The text size is too small. Seriously. I can’t read it. But I do think it’s one of the better D&D parody strips out there. And since I’m not actually a rough and tumble D&D girl (I had a bard who was actually really crap with lyrics, I miss him), it’s not my thing. Still that doesn’t diminish from the fact that the work is really good.

Look, just because you don’t ‘get’ the art, doesn’t make it invalid. I can’t stand Hemingway (a couple of my relatives will shortly be sending hit-men to my house to kill me, so this will possibly be my last blog post ever) but I appreciate his work! I get why he’s famous and a master, but it’s not something I’d read for pleasure. For that, I’ve got Moby Dick, a book many people hate. That’s how art works. It makes you stop and think.

And if the webcomics that make me stop and think are a stickman world (XKCD – don’t forget your hat!) and a photocomic of a dude writing on a chalkboard (Surviving the World, thanks Dante), then don’t diminish their work. There’s room on the net, and in the store, for all of us. Diversity is good! Express yourself the way that come’s naturally!

Well … except this next guy.

I’m With Coco

NBC’s Gaspin Talks About Emotion of Late-Night Changes, by Brian Stelter, is a failed article, not for anything Brian did, but for what his subject said, when asked what he’d learned about the whole Tonight Show shenanigans.

For those who don’t know, on May 29th, 2009, Jay Leno stopped doing The Tonight Show on NBC (which runs at 11:05pm ET) and started doing the Jay Leno Show at 10pm (same station). Conan O’Brian got the nod for Tonight, and in January of 2010, rumors began than he was going to be punted and replaced with … Jay Leno. Okay, the ratings weren’t great for either show, and I don’t know anyone, personally, who actually watched the Leno Show, but a lot of people, myself included, felt that it just wasn’t fair to Conan. I recall commenting that NBC were idiots for not just letting Leno GO and leaving Conan for a year. Late night TV isn’t the same as regular TV.

But. NBC didn’t. They fired Conan (there’s no other word for it, people), and then Jeff Gaspin, NBC Universal TV Entertainment’s chairman, said that he had underestimated the emotional drama that the whole shipwreck caused.

Quote: “I probably, you know, I probably underestimated the emotion of everything that went on. I went to Conan, to Jay, to Jimmy with a very logical, rational plan. I explained it to the press. I wasn’t trying to hide anything. And I think the underestimated the emotional impact it had on Conan, in particular.”

Frankly, he comes off sounding like this: Gee, we had no idea firing Conan would hurt his feelings! As I tweeted to my friend Sabrina, Well it’s not like NBC execs have any experience with being fired. How would THEY know.

I’ll let how stupid they are stand without comment.

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