Laughing at Schaudenfreud

Credit to the title, and the inspiration to this post, goes to @txvoodoo

I was never a Lostie. Somewhere in my mid-twenties, my obsession with things took a weird spin and I just stopped getting my heart and soul wrapped up in things. Now that said, I was the kind of person who sobbed when the Indians lost the World Series. Who petitioned for Veronica Mars, and even today, am willing to raise money for causes in the ‘name’ of a TV show or actress. So the fact that I am, here, laughing at the end of Lost isn’t meant to diss or mock or humiliate the Losties. I just … laugh at this stuff.

No spoilers were harmed in the making of this post!

This post started after I read this tweet by @txvoodoo

btw, ppl laughing at Lost fans? It’s not nice and schaudenfreud will bite your ass someday on something you love(d)

I had, earlier, tweeted about laughing at the end of Lost. And I did. And I am. I mean, I watched the end and Mrs. Ipstenu (who hated Lost) looked over and blinked “So, that’s it?” And I shrugged. As far as sci-fi goes, I put Lost‘s ending right next to Battlestar Galactica, in the sense that both had fantastic premises, and both collapsed under the weight of their own mythos, and both gave us complete closure without any real satisfaction.

And the first thing I did was I started to laugh because of how inane the whole thing is.

Believe me, I understand obsession with TV shows really well. I was a Trekkie, the king of nerdy obsessives. I ran a Star Trek club and wore my communicator to school (which now makes me wonder why I didn’t get beat up more). I was into Anne McCaffery’s Dragonriders series. I was hooked on Xena. I run a damn fansite for an actress, people. Trust me. I am one of you.

When Jorja Fox (see afore mentioned fansite running comment) left CSI, I turned off my TV, recapped the episode, posted screen caps, and sat back on the couch, relaxing. I was done and I didn’t have any freak-outs or sobs. It was just a thing and it was done. Other fans were this close to rending their clothes, tearing out hair, wearing ashes, etc etc. And I just looked at them and remembered how I felt when The Shat pointed out “It’s just a TV show”.

Back then, I wanted to kick his ass. Today I agree with him. I think he was an idiot in how he said it, but it is, in the end, a show. Lost was a beautifully filmed, wonderfully composed, fantastic storytelling experience. But while I feel the story telling was great, the story itself left me wanting. Even now, my Lostie friends are freaking out about the unanswered questions, unmet expectations, and a big case of “What the F*&$!?” with the ending. Yeah, I feel you guys. I hate endings like that. But remember this: You got an ending!

Okay, that aside, I thought the ending of Lost fit perfectly with the type of show it was. And if you liked it, great! If you hated it, that’s okay too. At least you’re there, having feelings and thinkings about it. Write a blog post about it, sit and argue the ethics, mythos, layers etc about the show. Cite your source. Use it to inspire you. If you can do that, then no one has the right to mock you for liking this show! It’s turned on your brain, now use it.

And me? Well, I’ll be sitting here laughing at the absurdity of the whole thing. Not at the fans, never, but definitely at the show that took itself way too seriously, and delivered America to a wonderful place of ‘Well. There’s that then.’ Schaudenfreud? Not in the least. I’m just laughing because I can. I always laugh. I will always laugh. Why don’t you laugh with me, and just enjoy what was and laugh our way into what will be.

It’s fun.

Edited to add…
Imagine if Lost had been made by the Monty Python guys. All you really need to do is change the sound track.

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