I’m in Better Shape Than I Thought

Three people, one car, 1738 miles and someone who’s never driven over 100 miles at a stretch? Oh yeah, the trip was interesting. Did I mention my darling caught the flu? We went to Gulf Wars, which is an SCA thing and if that means nothing to you, don’t worry about it. This is not an SCA post.

This is a post about how fun it is to load an Escape Hybrid for bear, jammed full to the point that I couldn’t see out the back, about how I hauled most of our (heavy) gear up and down the three stories from our apartment, and how I spent four days squatting (not kneeling) in the dirt to cook.

This is a post about how my height (5’6″) was just enough to clamber up on the car to fill a Sherpak, strap it down (and by the way, make SURE you wrap the excess strap length enough so it doesn’t knock on your car, it annoyed me), as well as jam that car full. Seriously. Camping Tetris.

This is about how I set up a tent mostly correctly. This is about how I walked miles and miles and got a sun burn and felt great. This is about how my knee? Only needed Tiger Balm once, and doesn’t hate me.

This is about how I drove 500 of the 1738 miles. In a rainstorm that was so bad, my co-pilot (Mrs. Hubbit) was on the lookout for tornados. With wind so bad, the car wobbled. At 70 odd miles per hour, passing people like I was an old hand at it. Yeah, I can drive.

This is about having fun with friends for a week.

This is about not feeling like I’m dead today and I’m kind of stoked about the world again.

Yeah. I had a great time.

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