I’m a WordPress.org forum admin

About a year ago I joked that my attitude (I have one, I know it) would make sure I was never an admin on the wp.org forums. After all, I have a tendency to tell people they might be a bit too … uh … unintelligent to use certain aspects of WordPress. I mean, I honestly feel that if you’re running your own website, you either hire someone who is tech savvy enough and reliable enough to run it for you, forever, or you learn to do what you need to do. Oh and I’m totally belligerent about people who email me! So imagine my surprise on Thursday when James asked if I wanted to go legit.

It’s been a bit of a banner WordPress Year for me. I got listed as a contributor in the official announcement for WordPress 3.0 (I found a bug that someone else squashed). I was called a Support Forum All-Star by Weblog Tools Collection (though my sticker for them got ruined on my bike helmet). I’ve released my fifth WordPress plugin (the latest is Register IP MultiSite). And now I’m an admin.

My title on the support forums is Half-Elf Support Rogue (thank you Andrea of Ron & Andrea). I think it kind of explains my attitude, what I do, and what you need to know about me.

My profile says:

Interests NOT getting emailed. Seriously. Ask in the forums, or use the tag ‘ipstenu’ in your post. I’ll see it.

I assumed I’d be a volunteer helper for a while. I knew that I got along with many mods, but I was content to be one of the many sans-responsibility helpers. Yeah, looking back at that I should have known better! Generally speaking, open-source places (like WordPress) like to snag people who want to help because they feel it’s the right thing to do.

So what does all this mean? Not much! The only ‘new’ things I do is clear out the spam queue, edit posts, and delete posts. The rest of the time, I’m still me. I did ‘change’ my post style, very slightly, in that now I think more about replies. I feel I have a bit more responsibility not to be a total ass all the time, but since I’ve always just not replied when I can’t be polite, it doesn’t show much, if at all. And I spend my time following Andrea_r around, helping with .htaccess and multisite, playing with plugins, and the usual stuff I always did. I leave themes to the diva, Esmi, and basically … I’m me.

Just with a bigger stick.

In the end, I’m still just a volunteer, though. Don’t read into it too much, folks. And if you want my help on the forums, tag your post with ipstenu. Yes, I’ll see it in my RSS feed, and yes, I’ll reply promptly. Even if I don’t have a solution.

Email support, though, ain’t gonna happen!

Oh and in case you think this means anything I say is going to be listened too more by the devs, I laugh upon you. Here are my open tickets in Trac:

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