How I Met Jorja Fox

I sat on this news for a month, basically, but yes, I was invited to go to the Fifth Annual Spotlight Humane: Chicago by Jorja Fox.

Wait a second…

Right now, someone out there is looking at this going “Why, on God’s green earth, did Jorja Fox invite YOU anywhere?”

I’ve recently realized that many of my family members and friends have no idea what the hell is going on, and why Jorja Fox, a Hollywood actress on a hit TV show (albeit with a rather eclectic career), would know me from Ahab. I don’t actually talk about this to everyone. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about what I do, it’s just that it’s something I don’t talk about because it involves a lot of explanation and ‘I just do.’ I’m like that about a lot of things.


I don’t like having to explain or justify what I do with my free time and invariably, people ask “Really? Why?” My friends who participate in role-playing games and the SCA and so on are, generally, more ‘Oh, sure.’ and accepting about other such “fringe” activities. The normal people of the world look at me like I’m that creepy guy on the bus reading a girly magazine. Thanks to years of dirty looks, I do the classic avoidance technique, perfected over my time as a webmaster. I don’t talk to everyone about playing role-playing Games (I doubt my family’s interested, except Dan, who likes to make RPG jokes, and Boone, who actually plays them). I don’t talk to everyone about the SCA (only my brother and online people care). I don’t talk about my ‘fringe’ activities. Everyone does this. We edit our hobbies when we talk to people who don’t understand. Many coworkers know I play Doom and table-top games. I think one of my myriad of superiors knows about the SCA and wants to try it one day.

To those who didn’t know, here’s the deal. I run a fan site for Jorja Fox, and I have since I was in college. It’s called Jorja Fox: Online and is at

Sometimes, when you put it that way, it sounds weird and strange. Or maybe I’m just making too much of it and you who didn’t know will go ‘Oh, okay.’ Anyway, it’s out there now. I run the site, Jorja’s manager(s), personal assistant and publicists have known and been in contact with me, off and on, since 1999, and that’s just how it goes. Part of my free time is given over to this every year, but I do my best to make sure it doesn’t affect my personal life. If a choice comes between a camping trip and breaking news (like me being at Simple Day last year when Jorja was re-hired to CSI), I pick camping. Every. Single. Time. Actually, there’s a joke about how every time I’m out of town, something ‘big’ happens, but that’s neither here nor there.

The facts are these

  1. I run a fansite for Jorja Fox
  2. Jorja Fox knows I run this site
  3. Jorja’s PA has contacted me before
  4. They all know I live in Chicago
  5. I was invited to the HSUS Spotlight:Chicago by Jorja

And now you know.

What Has Gone Before

In November of 2009, it was announced that Jorja would be the celebrity host of the Fifth Annual Spotlight Humane: Chicago event, to raise money to end dog fighting, at the end of February 2010. I thought, at the time ‘Gee, I wish I could go, but at $150 per person (oh, wait, $250 to meet Jorja! Hah!) I’d really rather donate money to the cause.’ Of course I thought it’d be cool to meet Jorja, but I’m a realist. I’d just bought a car (quite literally, I think I drove it home and read the news), and now I’m saving to buy my first house (hopefully by the end of this year!) so I sighed, said to my Mrs. “Boy that whomps!” and moved on with my life, promoting the event and urging people to donate in Jorja’s name.

We got to $500 by the Monday before the event, by the way, so in theory I could have used that to pay my way, but I would have felt unethical and crappy.

December/January, some of my friends asked if I was going. I replied I couldn’t really justify it. Besides, what would I wear to a cocktail event? I’ve gained some weight so my best clothes make me look … terrible. I know, it’s been a problem since I screwed up my knee. Also there’s no free gym in my apartment, which is an excuse and I know I’m cheap, but really the best way for me to lose weight is a stair-master or an elliptical. I’m eating better again, though. Trying. Trying.

Anyway, the long and short was that I was pretty much not going. Money, clothes and I didn’t want to be that freaky stalker chick. Seriously. I’ve run a website for an actress since December 1996 (yes, 15 years, since I was 19 years old). I’m really on that border of freaky-stalker and I know it. The only way I have to alleviate it is by trying my damnedest to be respectful and treat Jorja like a person, same as I would anyone else. I don’t let people speculate on her personal life on JFO, and I’ve been known to delete comments whenever people venture into those topics. Frankly, my feeling is that the site is meant to celebrate her achievements as actress and advocate. Her personal life is just that. It’s hers and it’s personal. If she goes on Letterman to talk about it, then it’s public, but until then, it’s not something I delve into.

People ask me where I get all my information. Most of the time I get my information from reading the exact same news articles that you read, or watching the same videos. Sometimes I’ll get them a day early. TV Guide and EW have both contacted me ‘early’ with breaking news, like when Jorja was leaving CSI, I had a copy of the article hours beforehand, which let me write the blog post early and schedule it, with a link to where the full article would be posted. Clever internet things. I keep in their good graces by never scooping them, and always crediting them. It works for everyone. I’m a good person, at heart, and I try to make it show.

The one thing is, I’d never met Jorja Fox. And of course I wanted to. Goodness, who wouldn’t like to meet someone they’ve admired for a decade or more? I always imagined, one day, I’d run into her when I was in California visiting my mother. Turn round a corner and boom! There’s Jorja. My life actually does work that way, so it’s not an impossible dream.

That isn’t what happened.

Here’s what happened

January 28th I got an email from Jorja’s personal assistant. It’s an email address I’ve vetted before, so I knew it was for real. I’d happened to check my mail on the train coming home, thank you iPhone, and thought “I wonder what’s up. Hope it’s not something I need to take down right away!” Instead I got this:

In appreciation of your efforts over the years, Jorja would like to invite you and a friend to be her guests at an event for the Humane Society in Chicago on 2/27/10. Please let me know if you’re available.

As I walked from the train to the car, I looked like someone had slapped me. I was shocked, horrified, excited, flattered and then a full sentence popped into my head: “Oh my god! What am I going to WEAR!?” The Mrs. was in the car and as I opened the door, I noticed her face was concerned. Clearly she’d noticed my freaked out expression. I told her, “Nothing’s wrong, it’s a good thing. Not work.” She nodded and as we drove home, I read her the email and mentioned, “It’s the cocktail party the Humane Society’s throwing on Saturday the 27th of February.”

She asked “Am I a bad person that my first thought was about what I should wear?” We laughed at that. It made the whole thing more real and easier to cope with. Then we realized it was on Saturday at 7pm, and Shabbat was over at 6:30ish. Thankfully I knew we’d be able to make it by 7:30ish (if we weren’t women we might even make 7pm!), so I emailed and asked if that was okay (complete with a side comment about how my first thought really was about clothes). It was, the Personal Assistant and I exchanged cell numbers, and I sat in a daze for much of that Thursday night.

I woke up multiple times in the night, just completely gob-smacked that a star, a real famous person, not only thought of me, but took the time out of her day to ask if I’d like to meet her at an event, and then went to say she appreciated my work? Anyone who ever tells me Jorja’s not a class act, I may shoot in the kneecap then and there.

I don’t do JFO (I call the site ‘Jorja Fox: Online’ so ‘JFO’ is my nickname for it) because I thought I’d get to meet her. I do it because she is an amazing actress, a tireless advocate, and by all reports, a damn nice person. Most people would collect a personal shrine and store it in a shoebox. Me? I was learning HTML when she started on ER so I thought I’d do a webpage. Then other people sent me more information so I added it, making a collective of shoeboxes. Then more and more and more information rolled in and suddenly, by the time I met Mrs. Ipstenu, I was a fansite runner (if I can stretch the shoebox metaphor to it’s absolute limit, I own a chain of Foot Lockers now). She knew all that coming in to a relationship with me, which is possibly why she’s still with me. I was always honest that I did this ‘thing.’ Thankfully she understands that kind of interest (it’s not an obsession, I know the difference) and as we both like CSI well enough, it’s not a hardship. She tolerates me leaping around, recording from the DVR to my computer to take screenshots on a Thursday night, and she reviews any non-Jorja posts I end up making (policy and all that) and keeps my feet firmly on the ground.

So there I was, end of January, knowing this was a possibility (and knowing full well that Jorja’s time to spend with me would be highly limited), but knowing without a doubt that Jorja Fox had invited me to an event … and I couldn’t tell anyone. I mean, what if it didn’t happen!? What if it all fell through or was an elaborate hoax!? So I Tweeted and FaceBooked that there was a cool personal thing I might get to do, and as soon as I knew for sure, I’d share. I explained ‘I was invited to a party with some neat people, hopefully I’ll get to go.’

And then I sat on it for a month. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting.

Secrets and Lies

I hate secrets. The little lady once commented that I’m terrible at keeping them, which I feel isn’t true. I’m excellent at keeping secrets, I just hate the necessity of having to do so. I’ve kept many secrets for years and never told anyone except for her, which is her point. I tell her everything. And while I know that a secret’s only good if no one knows, you have to have an outlet. If I couldn’t have told her what was going on with the invite, I might have burst a blood vessel. I also told my aunt and a cousin, and my best friends, because I needed a reality check. My aunt and cousin had great advice.

ASusan said “Absolutely you should go and have a good time. Try not to gawk.”

CuzDan said “Yeah, gawking’s not too cool. And don’t lead with lines like, “I preferred your early funny work,” or, “Putting someone through college with that movie, huh?” Or “So just why are your political advisers under investigation exactly?” Also eat to balance out the booze.”

To which ASusan replied “Yep – definitely eat to balance out the booze, and oh yeah – don’t say “I just love your work” in fact just shake her hand and say nothing, it’s the safest plan.”

While I didn’t intend to say nothing, I mean come on, Jorja knew I was coming, I made a decision not to ask her about her career. Mrs. Ipstenu pointed out that this wasn’t an interview, and I was sure she probably had nothing to ask me, so I decided I was going to say something like “Thank you so much for inviting me, Ms. Fox. I really appreciate this.”

After all, when I thought about it, the only ‘trivia’ I’d ever really wanted to know was ‘What the hell is her real name!?’ (the answer is on the JFO FAQ). And since I know that answer, I had nothing else I wanted to ask her.

Well, that’s not true. I could have asked her tons of things. Like ‘Was it as cool as it looked, being on Velocity Trap?’ and ‘Do you ever get tired of the flat-iron on your hair?’ But at the end of the day, all the trivia I ‘want’ to know about her, I already have crammed up into the Trivial Pursuit: Jorja Fox Edition in my head (if they ever make that edition, I will clean the house). There’s nothing I felt would be appropriate to ask her in that setting. If she ever wanted to ‘use me’ as a way to leak new news, I’d be happy to provide, but that’s her choice and I just can’t justify pressuring her. She’s a person, just like me.

The real problem I had is that I was totally unbalanced about the whole thing and it freaked me out a little. Okay, okay, it freaked me out a lot and took me about a week to settle down about. It was a gift. Here was a thank you for doing something that was never asked of me, never expected, and certainly never demanded, that I do anyway because I can, I want to, and so I do. Which is why I was so unbalanced. I never expected to be thanked, or acknowledged. I knew she knew and was okay with it, and for me, that was (and is) enough.

The ‘star’ nature of it didn’t bother me at all. In my world, the idea of meeting a star isn’t strange at all. My mother is friends with some famous people I boggle over, my grandmother knows Bob Mackie for crying out loud (whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet), and my aunt and uncle … well, if I were to list the famous people they’ve met, I’d need a new database. ASusan and UJohn are the most direct and blasΓ© about what they think about famous people, but they’re New Yorkers and it’s expected. Suffice to say that meeting famous people? Happens. It’s not the fact that I got to meet Jorja Fox, or even that she happens to be famous, that weirded me out, it’s how it came about.

She thought of me. It’s stupid-flattering, and I’m making far more of it that it probably was, but it’s the first time that’s ever happened.

It is not, by the way, a dream come true. That would be someone saying ‘I want to publish you!’ and whisking me off to the life of a famous, rich, reclusive author. And possibly running a Big Gay Comedy Nationwide Tour with Eddie Izzard, Miss Coco Peru, Elvira Kurt, Vidur Kapur and Judy Gold. We’re here, we’re queer and we’re on your TV! Sorry, that’s off topic.

Finally, it’s happened to me

I like CeCe Peniston. Sue me.

After I spent 30 days freaking the hell out, in various stages of “Oh. My. GOD!”, it was finally over. I’d spent hours and days being fine, and then I’d stay up half the night, looking at the ceiling wondering. Finally, after a few more emails and communiques, we dressed up nicely and went off to the Water Tower to meet Jorja Fox.

Getting There

Since parking was only $24 at the event, and taxis are nebulous and vague where I live, we opted to drive down. Google maps claims it’s an 11 minute drive. I think they’ve never driven down Devon Street. God knows I try not to.

It is a little silly that I was as nervous as I was. For a month. I mean, I spent a lot of time praying I wouldn’t vomit. Which is embarrassing. I should be past this, and Mrs. Ipstenu spent quite a bit of time reminding me that while this ‘felt’ like a big deal, it was really a fair quid pro quo for running JFO for all these years. And yet, my nerves controlled me for a long time about all this.

I didn’t make the VIP party (from 6 to 7) because I couldn’t make it to the event at all until 7:30. Doesn’t that suck?

I’ve been to the hotel before, but I’ve never been to an event there in my life. So yes, I was nervous as I went up and said “Hi, my name is Mika Epstein. I believe there are some tickets here for me?” There were and they happily waved us in, telling us to enjoy the event. I noticed that there was something written by my name, but not what it was. We walked around the silent auction, met the rescued dogs, and then went into the main gala room.

Meeting Jorja

Now, I was well aware that Jorja was ‘working’ the event, and would not have a lot of time for me. She had, however, requested that I should “aggressively” let her know I was there. I didn’t have to. As soon as I walked into the main gala, someone pointed at me, and suddenly there she was. She grinned and said “Mika?” I smiled back and we shook hands, expressing to each other how nice it was to finally meet. She wore a really cute dress over dressy jeans and sandals. When asked (Mrs. asked, I didn’t) she said they were vintage. As we all approved of recycling this was met with nods and ah-sos!

Jorja actually made time to chat with me. We talked about Japan, about surfing and hiking. I told her about my knee, and we commiserated that getting old was terrible! There was a brief mention about Ali, her boxer, and then Jorja was kidnapped by someone else. But not before I got that picture and tweeted about it. Then she came back to us to chat a little more. She says she really likes Chicago, and the fellow near us joked that he questioned her sanity.

The Party

The party was … well. A party. Jorja gave a speech, introduced a boy and his dog, introduced the CEO of the Humane Society, awards were handed out, and then music and dancing began. We didn’t hover, but after about a half an hour, we swung back over to get an autograph (what can I say?) and got to meet the surprise of the night, Billy Petersen. My friend Melissa, whom I told about this, had asked for an autograph for her mom, which I will mail tomorrow. Billy had no clue who I was, and was perplexed I didn’t want my photo taken with him, or an autograph for me. Then Jorja swooped in and explained I was the fansite runner. She and I marveled that it had been 15 years. Billy looked thoughtful, which was either him being very polite or very amused. It was hard to say. I caught a picture of them together, of course.

Post Script

By the time I got home, the twitter-verse was afire. After all, hadn’t I said I wasn’t going!? I had, and I wasn’t and yet there I was and now you know. I’m still a little giddy, but I waited till we were in the car to actually yelp like the fan I am. It was a girly yelp, I admit.

So. There’s that, then.

30 responses

  1. […] cagey about it, so as not to disappoint you. The full story, complete with some fangirl moments is on my personal blog, but here I'll tell you about the event […]

  2. eat to balance out the booze excellent advice which I always forget to follow! And Mrs. Ipstenu’s advice – solid gold!

    And never mind gawking, I would not have been able to open my mouth at all without saying something completely stupid! But I’ll bet she was as nervous to meet you.

    Her dress was lovely! And my first thought would most likely have been OOOOHMYGOD what do I wear too(sadly I think its female programming!)You looked great, no one goes wrong with black!

    I can totally commiserate about the whole ‘really? why?’ those who know I write fanfiction don’t get it at all, and they only know I write and post it online (they care that much that no one has ever looked up what I do write!)but they are great with the other areas in my life, and if my little ‘secret’ writing hobby makes me happy who cares about what they think!! πŸ™‚

    1. My aunt and cousin are some of my best friends πŸ™‚

      My non-secret secret hobby is older than my friend’s kids!

  3. ILoveJorja Avatar

    Hey, Ipstenu, I just read your article and I am very impressed. That you were able to keep such news private, that after the initial freak-out phase (which I would have gone through as well) you were able to pull yourself together and have a nice conversation and not get all gooey and stalker-ish.
    I wondered about a lot of the things you mentioned, why you started your excellent website, how you got your news so quickly, and what, if anything, Jorja thought of it. I have a similar opinion of this fine and talented and genuine woman, and by all accounts she is friendly to fans and passionate about her causes, so it was good to have that confirmed.
    Like you, I get weird reactions when I talk about Jorja or CSI and so I am selective with this information. And since ER, I have been a fan.
    William Petersen too? Bonus.
    Good for you and I really enjoyed reading this–

    1. There was a LOT of twitching for the first week. I was actually totally calm and cool last week, and then on Thursday night I looked at my girlfriend and freaked out again. I have no idea how I stayed calm. I was pretty sure I babbled a little.

    2. RandomDrift Avatar

      I’m very impressed that you were able to have a actual conversation with her. If it was me, I would either (a) babble incoherently and she would not be able to get a word in, or (b) not be able to get a word out except for maybe a few, “uhms” interrupted by hysterical giggles.
      And I have this nightmare image in my head that I would “courtesy” while shaking her hand and totally embarrass her.
      You made us proud!

    3. Honestly she made it impossible for me to feel too awkward. She was just personable and nice and friendly and all of the sudden, I felt like a person chatting up another person and it was all cool.

      I got more flabbergasted when I met Joe Fab, since he said he liked JFO and THEN told me he was the man behind “Paper Clips”.

  4. poppie-lee Avatar

    AWWWWWWWWWW! Sweetie I’m so happy for you.This was an amazing gift and you totally deserved it!

    Keeping the Faith! 9With your help!)
    Poppie x x x.

    1. Aww, thank you πŸ™‚

  5. RandomDrift Avatar

    LOL. This is hilarious. I love the “What am I going to WEAR!” part. That would have been my first thought also! This is very cool. And the “flat-iron on your hair” would definately have been one of my topics to chat about.
    I just can’t say it enough – very, very cool.

    1. Her hair was ‘mostly’ straight. Curled a little, and it looked fantastic. I have more grey in my hair than she does, and I’m 10 years younger!

  6. Big grin here. You certainly deserve it.

    Really I think Jorja and Billy are class acts. Their involvement in just causes and supportiveness to one another demostrates this.

    But more so that they would think of their loyal fans – emphasis on fans NOT stalkers.

    Nice job, Mika! I thoroughly enjoyed the blog.

    1. That’s quite possibly my fav thing about her. I mean, I love her acting choices, but the advocacy and the fact that she’s so personalable and warm just bowled me over.

  7. AnnaSophia Avatar

    OMG, Mika. I’m really happy for you. I felt your excitement just by reading your account. So unbelievable. I would have vomited right then and there. It’s just beyond awesome… After your shock wears down (which might not be for another couple of months), can you hold a Q&A? Please.. I’m dying to know if Jorja is as tall as everyone says she is…

    PS You really do deserve to have gone; I think you above everybody else for being so dedicated to JFO. Congrats.

    1. Actually, she’s not that tall. I was teasing my girlfriend, since she’s a short 5’5″ and I’m a tall 5’6″, and she was just teeny next to Jorja. Jorja called herself a giant, and that was when I remembered the missus was wearing heals! But. She’s 5’10” and change, but she didn’t feel ‘tall’ at all.

      Go ahead and post any questions here or on JFO, and I’ll happily answer all I can πŸ™‚

  8. Lynn Richardson Avatar
    Lynn Richardson

    Big grin here. I can remember your ‘squeee!’ on the IGW knot when you read Jorja was going to be on CSI. Congrats! You deserved this.

    1. That was a decade ago. Hah, we’re OLD!

  9. Your report is so funny! Thanks for going and reporting so quickly, and the photos! Know what you mean about being so “ga-ga”–met Mr. Petersen last summer and it took a while for me to find my voice (a first!!) Afterwards, you just have to let out a little scream! At least you were not standing in front of her when it happened!

    1. I screamed in the car before we pulled out. :blush: Jorja’s really good at being a calming presence.

  10. I’m trying to understand the discussion on height (yeah, I know — why??). Anyway, what is a “short” 5’5″ and what is a “tall” 5’6″?

    Oh, and let’s see — do you think her hair is *really* curly or *really* straight? Is she healthy-skinny or the type of skinny where you’d feel compelled to feed her if you had the chance?

    Hmm…did Petersen mingle a lot? Hang with Jorja? Work the crowd? Seem to be enjoying himself or not?

    You know, the important things…

    (cue hilarious laughter) πŸ˜€

    You don’t have to answer…really happy you had this experience! You blog was a joy to read.

    1. Ipstenu Avatar

      An inch is not a small measure. Technically I’m a hair over 5’6″, but only when I stand straight and tall (and brush my hair up a bit). But it’s also a presence thing. My mom’s exactly my height, and towers over me. So she stands very tall. Mrs. Ipstenu stands tall, but she’s short, so it doesn’t make much of a dent (she was also wearing heels).

      Jorja’s skinny healthy, but we still wanted to take her home and feed her (we’re Jews, we feed, food is love). Her hair was straightened, and was wavy. I know it’s naturally curly.

      Billy did NOT mingle. He came in, hung with Jorja, grabbed a bite to eat, smiled for fans and did the autograph/photo thing, and then he and Jorja and their close friends came to say goodbye to me, and bailed around 10:30-11pm (which we’d expected Jorja to do all along).

  11. Cindy Avatar

    I’m so happy for you that you got personally invited to go. You deserved it and how fantastic it must make you feel to know she thought of you when she was going to be in Chicago. I think you did way better than I would have. I think I would have not said anything, but stood there and stared at her like an idiot! Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I think I appreciate her because she seems to be someone who really hasn’t let the fame go to her head but seems genuinely kind, friendly, and aware of some of the terrible things that are happening in the world and is using her fame to help do something about it.
    She doesn’t come across as being ultra-thin, like some of the Hollywood girls, although obviously she is tall and thin. What did you think?

    1. Ipstenu Avatar

      I didn’t think she was too thin. She looks right for her body, and IMO as long as you’re comfortable with who you are, I’ve got nothing to say πŸ™‚

  12. elaine Avatar

    I definitely agree with the last part, Ipstenu. I was just having fun with my stupid questions; hope you know that!

    1. Ipstenu Avatar

      Oh, hah πŸ™‚ I know I don’t have to answer, but it’s not as much fun (to me) if I can’t share and make you gays feel special too! I mean, a lot of people posting here are friends (online or in person) and sharing is just second nature! I just don’t want to sound like I’m bragging!

  13. Donna Avatar

    Hello Ipstenu…you don’t know me, but, being a Billy/Jorja lover (ok, I admit it…more Billy than Jorja, but I love her too :lol:) I peruse your site from time to time (I’m a member at the WPAP LJ)–you do a great job, btw!
    Anyway, I wanted to congratulate you on finally getting to meet Jorja–being a friend of someone else who has met her a number of times I know that she’s truly a class act and someone I’d also love to meet. When I initially read about this event and that Jorja was such a big part of it–I just knew Billy would show up. Chicago/animals/Jorja. One of the things I love most about them both is their obvious love for animals. Such a great pair, really πŸ˜€ Ok, I’m overtalking…
    So, a couple of questions, was Billy there with his wife, or alone? He seemed surprised that you didn’t want his pic? I find that funny, really….Did they hang together long? I know, I know, questions, questions…Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work!

    1. Ipstenu Avatar

      No worries πŸ™‚ Mrs. Ipstenu wasn’t a huge Jorja fan until Saturday night, as it happens! She’s a hard sell to really fan an actor, and was won over by just how much Jorja’s the kind of person we like in general (advocate, earthy, personable, funny).

      Billy was with his wife, and I’m not sure if he was surprised I didn’t want a photo with him. I went up and asked for his autograph for my friend’s mom, and then he looked confusedly at me, as if expecting ‘And one for me too!’ when Jorja walked up to introduce us. I snapped the pic of them together and made no motion like I wanted one with both of them. There was another serious Billy fan there, who was trying to get a pic with him, and I offered to take her photo with him, but by that point, Billy and Jorja (and friends) were sneaking off to their hotel rooms to hang together, so I got that last pic with Jorja, wished her a good night, and sat on a couch for a while, soaking in the whole night. I saw them all headed to the elevators together, gabbing away like old friends.

  14. Cindy Avatar

    Was Lelah there?

    1. Ipstenu Avatar

      I didn’t meet her.

  15. nicse1 Avatar

    I come by your site alot and always admire how much you do with it. So, its great that you got this recongition – it just goes to show how good it is and that it is appreciated – not just by the people who visit but by the person you choose to spend time writing about. Glad you went and that you found the right thing to wear !

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