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They called this “The Real Power of The DC Universe”


Originally designed as a promotional piece for DC Comics at the San Diego Comic-Con, this is an oversized poster featuring the Women of the DC Universe. Measuring an impressive 39′ wide x 24′ high, the poster shows Catwoman, Oracle (Barbara Gordon, the original Batgirl), Zatanna, Black Canary, Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batwoman, Vixen, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn (collectively regarded as the REAL power of the DC Universe) in their bridal best, as depicted by acclaimed artist Adam Hughes.

Make your own conclusions. But yes, I snapped up a pick of Batwoman, Wonder Woman and Babs for my rotating header.

6 responses

  1. Are you sure it’s their bridal best and they’re not dressed as the Muses?

    There are eleven, rather than nine, but still. >.> The Amazon in the middle…

    1. They called it ‘bridal best’ at the comic con, and the detailed write up from DC says that too.

      I wandered off into happy land picturing t a great big wedding for all of them. And then tittered at Batwoman in a pants suit, being all butch. She delights me.

  2. Ah, that’ll do it. If that’s what the artist says it is…

    I can’t recognize most of them. >.>

    1. Clearly you need to come over and spend a weekend with me and my comic collection! It’s not that big.

  3. Nine of the eleven were at Dragon*Con

    1. I’m going to be giggling and grinning ALL DAY LONG!

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