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Fixed yer door!

USS4816_1_1 Like all offices, I have one with good bathrooms and not so good ones. The best ones have soft toilet paper, a supply of paper towels, a working emergency tampon machine, and decent lights. Oh, and a fan. It MUST have a working fan for those days that everyone at work has the chilie. I told them not to. And every office has a bad bathroom, with TP that we call ‘John Wayne’ (doesn’t take crap off anyone), no fans, mold … yeah. You’ve been there.

So what happens when the good bathroom goes bad? We fix it!

We all know how the knobby thing in those bathroom doors is SUPPOSED to work. It sticks out like the picture below, you slide it left and right, and lock yourself in. Everyone’s happy.


Well one stall had a loose one, and if you pulled the knobby bit, it would pop out. Now, most people would leave it on the floor for samaritans like me to pick up, WASH OFF (bathroom floor, EW!) and put it back on. Last week I actually got some superglue and figured that was the end of it. Not so.

By Friday, it was missing entirely. I looked under everything but no, it was gone. We were down one stall in the BEST bathroom on the floor, and worse, the bad bathroom was being ‘fixed’.

I left a note with maintenance and went on my way, figuring we’d all live.

On Tuesday, someone else had a better idea:

I have no idea where the knob is from, but it’s impressive. It seems to be a plug of wood, jammed on the middle of a pencil.

On Thursday, maintenance fixed the bathroom, and everyone was happy.

And the bad bathroom was ‘fixed’. The fan now works.