D10 and 2 points of luck

I’m starting to eyeball 30 a little closer than I was prepared to this morning, and I realize I’m still a kid at heart. I never used to play role-playing games this much when I was a kid, though, so I’m just making up for lost time.

I’m really avoiding this who gay/marriage issue as best I can. I did address is last week (with a side trip about comics that came out of the blue), and I doubt anyone’s shocked that I’m vaguely liberal with a bizarre grouping of rightist leanings. In other words, normal.

I’m not normal, though.

At least one night a week, I’ve been up to midnight, playing Buffy, The Vampire Slayer. Yes. The TV show. Yes. A role-playing game. It’s the marriage (pun intended) of two of my worst addictions. TV and dice. I love the dice. If I was a better gamer, I’d probably run a game or two. A friend of mine once told me that I was too malicious and reckless to be a descent game master, which is very true. I go dark quickly, play for broke, and try and change everyone’s lives. If I wanted to describe my gaming direction like a TV show, I’d say I was more Angel than Buffy. Yeah, there’s an Angel game too. We use its books as well.

Why do I like the dark so much? Part of my problem with most games I’ve played is that people make a character without depth. They stat it out the character for a purpose and don’t think about the characterization. In the past, I’ve been playing non-combatants, people who think and don’t really get in the messiness. As we started playing the Buffy game, I saw an opportunity for a kid who never had a childhood and was raised to know how to think in terms of a war, thrust into High School and the normalcy of the world.

She’s lived a year in her time and still doesn’t ‘get it’ a lot of the time.

Role-playing is just like writing, only I don’t have to come up with all the plots. I can react to other people, and be myself in someone else’s skin. I love writing, and I try and get my stories out of my head and onto paper. But when I need to ‘test’ something, a character aspect or a foible, sometimes the best thing to do is role-play her. Pretend to be someone else and think like them. It’s like being a character actor, I suppose.

This was meant to be longer, but my phone at work keeps ringing. I’ll try and write something from Cleveland.