The Joys of X

I was just going to email a friend a link to some cool software I’ve found, but then I realized I wanted to have a geek moment. I’m a sort of coder. That is, I like to code, but I’m pretty crappy at it. I know C and C++, I grok object oriented, and I’m good enough to pass muster on most things. But I’m not a programer. I’m a software engineer (read ‘cheaper, less experienced, younger’). It doesn’t bother me, actually, since it means I have the room to goof around.

I’m taking the time to go through my bookmarks/favorites. This is what I have.


Brian Hill’s Software
I use MacJanitor since I rarely leave my Mac on late enough to do that cleaning foo. It bascially wipes up all the foo that Lunix does on its own nightly/weekly/monthly. Since I don’t generally remember to let it run, I use this to run it by hand. It works. ๐Ÿ™‚

EarthGlobe and Moonview
In the preview stage, I like the idea of a globe (or moon) running around my desktop. Then again, I’m secretly six years old.

GNU MAC OS X Public Archive
Hear me out on this one. The layout? Crappy. BUT it’s GUI installers for Unix software. Yes, for the non-unix geek, this is KILLER. If you hear someone bragging about Unix software like Lynx, Pine, etc, then this is for YOU! It’s most OS 10.2.

Great Programs
This is the geneology foo that K’than(?) used on dragons. I’m a geek. Cope. Mac version in the works, IIRC.

MacAddict’s Mac OS X Super Site
Nothing really great here, but I’m happy fun friendly with MacAddict (I get the magazine). Just some basic links to some basic apps. The page is a little out of date, but the information’s still valid.

Mac OS X Apps
Not the most inventive titles, and it takes me FOREVER to find what I’m looking for. This is where I go when I’m looking for an app, though, since I WILL find it (and version tracker is slow as a pig on weed). It’s sort of like Tucows, but Mac OS X only.

Mac Security
We should be safe. Just becuase people aim virii at Windows most of the time doesn’t mean we’re immune. Wear your work gloves, kids.

Mac Unicorn
Basically, they have Turbo Internet, which speeds up your net foo. It’s been a long time since an update, but it’s pretty neat. Oh and it’s FREE!!!

MU* Games
TF for OS 10.2
I’ll admit it, I’m TF’s bitch from now till forever. I like one window to rule them all, and I’m happy that way. I’ve never used Cantrip, but I’ve heard a lot about it. It looks neat, so I’m all for it.

Panic Software
Transmit, CandyBar, it’s all good ๐Ÿ™‚ I can’t disagree with their motto ‘shockingly good software!’

Pure Mac
Again, with the inventive names ๐Ÿ˜‰ This is a software tucows-esque tracker. Nothing fancy, but good to have around on a bad day.

I am shallow. The main reason I like this site is becuase my startup (OS X is loading) screen now says ‘Psi Corps’. Okay? Shallow = me ๐Ÿ™‚

This is another software tracking site. It’s pretty bland, but it’s OS X stuff is decent. I found some neato language programs off this one (wanna learn Japanese?)

If you don’t know what tucows is, you must go there, right now. Serious! Shoo! I’ll see you later!

General Information:

Mac Directory
I’m not sure what to make of this one. It’s marked becuase it had information I wanted, once, but now it’s sitting there, mocking me. It’s sort of an All Things Considered site for the Mac. Um. Yeah.

Mac OSX Hints
When you want to run the same copy of Office on two computers, and Microsoft says ‘no!’ Go here. Any question, I’ve found the answers.

Open Darwin (formerly Darwinfo)
This is probably more for my friend’s finace, The Boy, but there’s some cool info here. Since Darwin’s an open source OS, this site is all about making is bigger, better, stronger and more bad ass. It’s a bit too geeky for me, right now. Wait till later ๐Ÿ˜‰

OS X Tips and Tricks
General yummy goodness. A few terminal tweaks and some cool ass links.


How to nuke unnukeable trash
I have this problem, sometimes, I can’t nuke trash. It stymied me and my unix-greek friend, Laura, for HOURS. This is the answer. Scroll down to ‘Issues regarding permissions’

Installing a newer SSH2
There’s a newer SSH than the one sent out with OS X. THIS IS HARD. You may want it, you may not.

How to enable root access
Sometimes you need to be a super user. Sometimes you don’t. This is turned off on all new Macs, and you have to turn it on. It’s also turned off on my SO’s Mac.