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When your favorite 'cult' TV Show becomes the media's darling, do you change the channel or keep watching?

One of my new favorite shows is the hit drama, CSI. Often, I find myself wondering if a show looses impact when it becomes a hit show. Personally, I watch the show becuase I admire one of the actors, but I found I really enjoy the show as a whole.

Two years later, and I’m hoping I can pick up the DVDs when I trek to Canada. Because the show is just that damn good.

See, I also ended up taping all the ER episodes this actor was in, and by the time I was done, I was hating ER. So when I started watching CSI, I wondered if I’d begin to hate it as well. The plots are the same, the acting’s not jaw dropping. So why would I stay?

Is it the science? No, not really. The science is iffy at best, and laughable at worst. DNA traces in 10 minutes? Yeah right! Not to mention some of the work they did with satelites, bullets and molding weapons off of wounds.

Okay, how about the acting? Well it’s good, but it’s not to die for. They can act, they’re all good. Some of them I think are down right amazing, but mostly they’re solid actors.

Is it the plots? No, those are ham-handed and predictable.

How about the writing? See above. Add in clunky and campy.

And yet … I feel like I did when I first watched Xena. It was my secret show that was on a weird hour, no one watched it but me, and then suddenly everyone was watching it. And it pissed me off.

But CSI? Everyone watches it. And I still like it.

What I like is the manner in which they tell the story. The way they weave their ideas and science and acting into an entaining hour. This is a show meant for diversion. And at that, they succeed completely without fail.

There are days when I still think it cheapens the experience. To watch a show everyone likes and critics agree on. Those are the days when I rage about how everything is so homongenous and bland, the world is using a cookie-cutter to mass produce boring people, and how we don’t need Ethnic Cleansing when we have brain washing.

The rest of the time, I watch the show and think that, for once, the TV world got it right.

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