How I spent my Christmas Vacation

Thank every thing held holy by man. Praise all the deities in the world. Christmas is over and it'll be another year before I have to deal with the fat man, the songs, the Salvation Army and the incessant 'Merry Chirstmas'ing I got every day. Oh yes, and another year before someone tells me that NORAD's tracking of Santa will make any kid who's got access to the 'net actually believe in that stuff.

The Amazing Loss

I fell into the claws of the Amazing Race partway through the second season. After all, the premise to Lost looked better. Having switched my detours, I'm happy to say that I like TAR. But I'm annoyed with who won.

And I Alone Survived to Tell Thee

Moby Dick is quite possibly one of my favorite books. I've always been fond of the way he spins his tales, and how he wraps the bible into his works so well. Not to imply that he's an easy read, but he's got a nack for wandering so far off topic and being able to pull it in that I love him. So I stole from him. It's flattery, I swear.

Who turned the lights out?

Just like people who claim they can 'speak to/for the dead,' the myth about snuff films runs rampant in our society. On Nov 21, 2002, CBS helped perpetuate that myth by having a crime take place that appeared to be a real snuff film. And it was. They caught the killer, and brought him to justice.