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Nothing’s Wrong With The System

The inherent unfairness of our judicial system.

A few years ago, someone stole my corporate credit card number and ran up a bill around $5000. A complaint was filed, and amazingly they caught the perp. After a few phone calls with the local police, where they verified I’d never used my corporate card at that location, I was named a victim in the case and they went to court. Over the two years, I got emails about every 3 months with updates, mostly about how I could come to a hearing or that dates had been rescheduled. I didn’t go. It was in another state and I didn’t really care. I’d gotten the money back and a new card. Moving on.

Then in March I got a letter telling me the fellow had been found guilty and would be receiving 4.5 years in prison with an additional 5 years of probation/supervision.

And I was pissed off.

Brock Turner raped a woman and got 6¬†months in prison (served 3) and 3 years probation. Sure he’s a registered sex offender now, but the magnitude of the crime is wildly different.

I feel bad that this guy got four and a half years in prison. He probably won’t get out on appeals either. For jacking a credit card and using it to buy stuff.

How, exactly, is this fair?