Top Influential Cookies

Here are my most influential cookies. Make these and be a better baker!


When done right, these are soft, cinnamon sugary goodness. When done wrong, they’re still pretty awesome. I don’t make these often, but when I do, I enjoy the hell out of them.

Oatmeal Rasin

Oh, the cookie of betrayal! How many times have we picked you up, thinking you were chocolate chip, only to have the vague claim of ‘health’ thrust at us? And yet, when done right, these are the greatest treat of them all.

Almond Cookies

They’re like sugar cookies, only almond flavor. They don’t spread out so much as puff up, and are awesome when you’ve had chicken for dinner. We got the recipe from Weight Watchers, oddly enough.

Kiss Peanut Butter Blossom

They’re like Snickerdoodles, but with a Hershey Kiss in the middle. I mean, really, what’s wrong here? I was introduced to these by my father’s second ex-wife’s family. I learned a lot about baking from them.

Peanut Butter

If you have peanuts, I hate you. But without? mmmmmm happiness. When they’re soft and gooey, they’re perfect for a cold day, a fire, and a hot cup of cocoa.

Tahini Cookies

Surprise! Actually I found a recipe in the same cookbook where I found a ‘better’ version of Grandma’s cookies. This is the Middle East version of a Peanut Butter cookie, and if you’ve never tried it, do. They’re like eating cookie halvah. Heaven! These always remind me that flavor profiles are broader than I assume. They make me experiment.

Grandma Bertie’s Christmas Cookies

No. Just … no. These made me want to bake better. As it happens, I’ve made them myself and they were way better than hers. I don’t know what she did wrong, but those cookies were always terrifyingly bad. I used to leave them out, in college, ‘free to a good home’ and no one ever ate them. There were be a dozen cookies with a bite taken out, put back in the tin. But they really make me want to bake better and cook better, so they are, in fact, influential.

Chocolate Chip

How many times did my mom and I sing “Please don’t eat all the morsels”? But more than just being the quintessential cookie of my life, they’re also the ones that I’ve hated more than anything. I remember Mrs. Herrick trying to make us healthier cookies, and removing sugar, adding brown wheat, carob, etc. Finally someone pointed out “You’re making bread!” So we had that instead.

And of course the cookies.

Master these and rule the world.