Toad with Potato Holes

In the previous dish, I hollowed out potatoes. What do you do with the holes?

Using the pan I cooked the tomatoes in, which had a little bit of the fond left, I added in some oil and tossed in the holes. Cook them on high heat for a little while, about 5 minutes. Drop the heat to low or simmer, spice as you desire, and put a lid on it for 15-20 minutes. Make sure you have enough oil! Potatoes need it. And salt.

At 15 minutes, check them. If they’re all soft, you’re ‘done.’ Serve with whatever you have handy. I call this ‘Toad with a Potato Hole’ because I tossed an egg in. I had planned to cook them in the leftover sauce, but there was no sauce.

It’s not really enough to be a meal, so it was my appetizer before dinner (since the potatoes take over an hour to cook).