Surprise Tatin

The recipe called for ‘new potatoes’ and I had russets. It asked for puff pasty. We were out.

Did that stop me? Hell no!

This was the first time I’d ever made a caramel, and it worked out surprisingly well. This was also the first time I successfully baked anything inverted, but it too worked well.

An amusing side note. The mixture was too big for the pan and, when it heated up, the oil and grease from the onions splashed over the sides. I didn’t have an oven tray in, so the kitchen smoked up and the bottom of the stove got nasty. I threw a hunk of tinfoil on the second self, as a stop-gap, and after it was done cooking, I immediately scrubbed the bottom of the oven. Doing this when hot means I can get more up.

Source: Plenty, pg 22