Stuffed Potatoes

I’ve made this a couple times. The last time, I didn’t have celery. This time I was short a can of tomatoes and the carrots. Ah well. Double the celery and use a bunch of fresh tomatoes!

Using the last two Russet potatoes was harder than the Yukons or Purple I’ve done before. This was harder because Russets are harder to scoop the center out. Literally. The potato is tougher. And no, I don’t have a melon baller. I used a sharp spoon.

The meat, yet again, is left over wonton filling. I took 2/3rds of the leftovers, added an egg, some panko instead of bread crumbs, added the cinnamon and cilantro, and that’s it.

I thought I was going to be smart with the tomato sauce, which overflowed last time, by cooking it in one pan and then pouring it around the potatoes. Guess what fit perfectly this time? Of course.

One of the many reasons I love this dish is that it’s a one-pot dish. You just cook and add more and more and more until you put the lid on and walk away for an hour or more. And I am incredibly easily bored. I don’t mind the prep-work. I tend to get bored to tears stirring. If I can let it sit and simmer on it’s own, I’m happy.

Source: Jerusalem, pg 168