Sour Cherry Crumbler

Making Passover dessert is hard. It just is. So when I set about making a cobbler, I ran into the age old problem of how to make up for no baking powder. For this, I read a few Martha Stewart crumble recipes, one Passover cobbler, and married them into this.

The ingredients are simple:

Set your oven to 350 and mix the eggs and sugar. Add in the oil/butter, salt, and cake meal. When it’s all blended, put it aside for a moment.

Get out a pan and grease the heck out of it. Dump your fruit in the bottom and toss it with some of the cinnamon sugar. Top with dollops of the batter, covering as much of the fruit as you can. Toss it in the oven until golden tan and serve hot with whipped cream or as you like.