Social Media Hiatus

I’ve removed all social media apps from my dashboard and computers. If I want to use ’em, I have to go to Twitter or Facebook directly. I’ve unpinned all my tabs for the as well, so I have to consciously go when I want to.

I’ve moved all Social Media apps to a folder labeled ‘Unproductively’ on my iPhone. I meant to put it as Unproductivity, but autocorrect changed it and I let it go.

You can, of course, still reach me on those things. Direct Messages and the what not work. But right now my feeds are filled with people treating the world as business as normal or people who are so agonized they wake up in physical pain at the damage we’ve brought. Or assholes.

The biggest issue is that people who need to hear the pain aren’t the ones who are listening. And that means I too am hearing the same messages over and over. Which is why I’m taking a step back and listening to the radio and watching the news like a ‘normal’ person. I’m reading the paper. I’m seeing what we’re saying.

This doesn’t mean I’m plugged only into the liberal left. It’s not just NPR, it’s FOX and everything else in between. Even the people who make me scream and cry. Because I feel like Rachel Maddow:

I’m awake. I’m not in hell. Except I am.

(That video is not actually from the election, notice the Hurricane Matthew bit in the right corner.)

In other words, this is not fine.

Remember this comic?

This is Fine by K.C. Green

The update reminds us that this is not fine at all.

This is Not Fine by K.C. Green

It’s not fine. It’s not normal. Don’t let it be normal.