Sleep Well

It’s been a few weeks with the Casper mattress.

The bed is perfect for us. My wife and I love sleeping on futons, but we’ve had significant problems finding good ones. There have been problems with delivery or quality or a million other things. They just insist on making them out of crappy foam. And my thought was if we were going to spend all that much on foam, it should be good foam.

I have found the Casper to be made of good foam.

This is not the ‘drop a bowling ball’ kind of mattress, but it is very quiet. It doesn’t transfer much motion at all, so I sleep through her getting in and out of bed and vise versa. It also means when one of us tosses and turns, the other hardly cares.

And this is a problem!

I sleep so soundly in the bed, I don’t get to enjoy being lazy and lounge in bed. I fall asleep quickly, I sleep well, and I wake up refreshed.

It is positively horrible.