NBC’s Olympics Still Needs Help

They get major props for inviting Leslie Jones down to Rio, but NBC still has a ways to go.

I’ve been saying that for years.

For the last few years, I’ve been advocating for changing the whole “see it in prime time” shenanigans to a “prime time highlite reel” concept. Show us the biggest US wins, then the biggest overall upsets. Did a dark horse set a record? Show us that! Finally show us the “Olympics Funniest Home Videos” – the accidents, the gaffs, and the behind the scenes stuff like North and South Korea’s selfies. We don’t need to see every single race for the myriad preliminaries after all, unless someone outruns Usain Bolt.

Airing the Olympics from 7pm to midnight is terrible. Most of us have to work, so we can’t watch it that late anyway. Kids do summer school. If this is Prime Time, show us the best of the best. The greatest moments. The 41 year old gymnast and then 19 year old phenom. But spending fifteen minutes showing us the men get ready for the 4×100 Relay? We didn’t need that. You’ve got us on tape delay.

As for those extra channels, if we have them, let us watch them by having it easier to know what’s on where, but make it live.

Finally… I will buy whatever from whomever can air the fucking Opening and Closing Ceremonies without commercial interruption.