Mejadra and Kofta

Mejadra is a rice and lentils dish with onions. It’s one of the first I made out of this book, and how I got good at thinly slicing onions. You cook lentils and then toss them in a pan with bastmati rice, seasoning, and some fried onions.

These are no onion rings, folks. Thinly slice your onions and coat them in flour and salt. Lightly fry them in oil for 7 minutes. When the rice is done, mix half in right away and save the rest for a garnish. This time I made it with browner lentils, and it looks less snazzy.

Source: Jerusalem, pg 120-121

Kofta is a meat dish. It’s basically meatballs. Season with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and pepper, dice in onions, parsley, and a medium hot chile. Mash it into footballs, cook in a little oil until it’s crispy on all sides. Serve in a tahini sauce. Divine!

Source: Jerusalem, pg 194-195

The two dishes work well together because the meat is spicy and salty, and the rice is mild and a little sweet.